BOSTON – Third Stage [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP] Out Of Print

BOSTON - Third Stage [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP] Out Of Print - full

A long time contributor of this blog asked for BOSTON albums, best sounding CD reissues. We have a surprise with one of them, but better let’s start with Boston’s third album “Third Stage”, a superb piece of work but which suffered from a flat sonic transfer to CD back in the day.
It’s has been a busy afternoon comparing 4 different releases of Boston’s “Third Stage“, and finally we have the verdict.

Boston’s “Third Stage” never has been remastered – Tom Scholz promised it several years ago, still in the making? Anyway, if you see a CD auction of “Third Stage” being sold as ‘remastered’, it’s fake.
The original MCA Records CD release is really poorly transferred to digital, and the others are cut from the same cloth…

However, this Japanese reissue pressed on SHM-CD (and presented in a cool mini-LP replica, cardboard sleeve, gatefold, etc,) sounds different. Much Better.
The low frequencies work like never before, and some ‘nasty digitized’ cymbals from the original CD press are much better balanced here.

BOSTON - Third Stage [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP] back

If you are looking for the best sounding version of BOSTON’s “Third Stage”, look no further, this is the one to have. You’ll be surprised how better it sounds.
It’s sold out, but worth every penny to track down a used copy.
A Must Have album

01 – Amanda
02 – We’re Ready
03 – The Launch
a) Countdown
b) Ignition
c) Third Stage Separation
04 – Cool The Engines
05 – My Destination
06 – A New World
07 – To be a Man
08 – I Think I Like It
09 – Can’tcha Say
10 – Still in Love
11 – Hollyann

Brad Delp – lead and harmony vocals
Tom Scholz – guitars, organs, piano, bass, drums, percussion
Jim Masdea, Sib Hashian – drums, percussion
Gary Pihl – guitar on “I Think I Like It”

Out Of Print;

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