GIOELI – CASTRONOVO – Set The World On Fire [Japan Edition +1] (2018)

GIOELI - CASTRONOVO - Set The World On Fire [Japan Edition +1] (2018) full

Johnny Gioeli and Deen Castronovo first played together on the debut Hardline album, the classic Double Eclipse, which was released in 1992. Now 25 years after, the two were reunited again to work on the GIOELI – CASTRONOVO debut “Set The World On Fire”, with this Japanese edition including a bonus track.
Both musicians have continued on their musical paths since they last saw one another, with Gioeli commanding Hardline and as Axel Rudi Pell frontman, while Castronovo spent time with Ozzy Osbourne and had an extended tour of duty with the legendary Journey.
Castronovo is currently active with The Dead Daisies and Revolution Saints in addition to Gioeli-Castronovo.

Gioeli-Castronovo renewed their musical friendship in Italy via Frontiers Music, alongside guitarist Mario Percudani, bassist Nik Mazzucconi, and producer & keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio.
An explosion of quintessential melodic hard rock melodies reminiscent of Arena Rock icons Journey and of course Hardline, “Set The World On Fire” embodies a keyboard-driven, bright, passionate sound, reflecting back to the ’80s and early ’90s.

A prelude to their new endeavor, the first two singles, the dynamic call-to-action “Set The World on Fire ” and an easy smash hit, “Through”, story everything about Johnny and Deen coming full circle.
Track 3 “Who I Am” is an uptempo ballad about discovering how well you know someone. Charismatic “Fall Like An Angel” is an irresistible, larger than life, catchy ’80s style number that could easily be in a Rocky movie, with an unbridled array of flashy keyboard melodies, soaring vocals, and alluring tone to keep concert-goers on their feet.

Moving on, “It’s All About You” will never take you for granted before the unexpected cover of Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now.” The pedal to the floor, on “Ride of Your Life,” Gioeli-Castronovo deliver the imperative tones and message which all great Arena Rock anthems host.
Thereafter, the ballads “Mother” and “Walk With Me” make way for the inspirational rocker “Run For Your Life.” Remembering promises made, the vibrant “Remember Me” speaks of memories gone, but not for long before the final track, “Let Me Out,” is an acoustic cry to be released from the chains of love.

While the Japanese bonus track is a re-make of the album song ‘Who I Am (Acoustic Version)’, is really worth to mention, because in this environment the excellent lead vocals are much more clearer, exposed, and you say say these guys really can sing!

GIOELI - CASTRONOVO - Set The World On Fire [Japan Edition +1] (2018) back

A devastatingly wonderful debut, on “Set The World On Fire” Gioeli-Castronovo fearlessly composed one of the most impressive melodic hard rock releases of the year.
Much more than I expected – I mean, the album doesn’t sound like a cookie-cutter or ‘by numbers’ collection of songs – and Del Vecchio’s production is not ‘more of the same’.

A blueprint for Arena Rock, “Set The World On Fire” exemplifies all the fiery elements needed to conjure up great Rock songs. Everything is done with attention to detail, from the sonically pleasing keyboard sound to the heartfelt lyrics, arresting guitar riffs, and the way Gioeli and Castronovo seamlessly trade off vocal duties.
Fans of the genre with that classic early Hardline sound will be hooked instantly. A solid contender for ‘Album of the Year’.


01 – Set The World On Fire
02 – Through
03 – Who I Am
04 – Fall Like An Angel
05 – It’s All About You
06 – Need You Now
07 – Ride Of Your Life
08 – Mother
09 – Walk With Me
10 – Run For Your Life
11 – Remember Me
12 – Let Me Out
13 – Who I Am (Acoustic Version) [Japan Bonus]

Johnny Gioeli – vocals
Deen Castronovo – vocals, drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards, backing vocals
Mario Percudani – guitar
Nik Mazzucconi – bass



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