V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases Sept-Oct 2018 – Vol.2

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases Sept-Oct 2018 - Vol.2 full

More exciting new albums in months to come, here’s the advanced singles.
STEVE PERRY, the reclusive former Journey frontman who hasn’t put out a new album in nearly a quarter century, will return this fall with a new LP, Traces. The first single, “No Erasin’,” tells the story of a school reunion with an ex-flame but its words also fit his story of walking away. “I know it’s been a long time comin’ since I saw your face,” he sings in a soulful tone over an urgent backdrop built from drums, piano and guitars. It builds as the song goes on, adding synths and heavier guitars. “My soul’s burning, just like it was before,” he howls in the chorus.
Lovely tune, can’t wait for the full album.

Sweden’s favorites ECLIPSE have recorded a new acoustic / electric version of the track “Killing Me” from their latest album, Monumentum. It’s quite different, and it was released to support the upcoming tour.

With the current summer tour with Foreigner behind them, WHITESNAKE will revisit some of its best acoustic performances with ‘Unzipped’. This 5 CD/DVD collection brings together unplugged and acoustic-based performances recorded over the past 20+ years, including rare and unreleased studio and live recordings, acoustic demos, concert videos, interviews and more. Here’s the first advance, ‘All The Time In The World (acoustic)’.

Sweden’s melodic rock band ANGELINE will release its new album “Shadowlands” in September. Here’s the second single from the album, “Live Life (Like You Mean It)”, a strong melodious tune with a cool hookline.

Underrated – and really good – Swedes SNAKES IN PARADISE return with a new album ‘Step Into The Light‘, via Frontiers Music next September. We have here the 2nd single “Things“, a nice midtempo melodic rocker.

Known for being Alice Cooper guitarist (among others) RYAN ROXIE has a solo career as well. He is releasing a new album, and some singles with it. “Me Generation” is the fresh one, a rockin tune with a feel-good vibe.

DARK SKY has released the second single from their forthcoming album ‘Once’. The album will be released worldwide on August 17th. This is the title track, in a classic Scandinavian melodic hard rock style. I always liked this band ‘s use of keyboards, similar to Zeno or Fair Warning.

ZZ Top frontman BILLY GIBBONS has released the second single from his upcoming second solo album, Big Bad Blues. ‘Missin’ Yo’ Kissin” rocks with a dirty attitude.

Guitar great JOE BONAMASSA has announced a new studio album, Redemption. The new solo album—Bonamassa’s 13th—is set to arrive September 21. Here’s the title track, a rocking bluesy classic rocker.

Melodic power metal band STRATOVARIUS has released the new song “Oblivion,” from their upcoming album Enigma: Intermission 2, which comes out Sept. 28. “Oblivion” is trademark Stratovarius, replete with a soaring melody, infectious chorus and crunching riffs. A short track with a song format and catchiness.

JIM SHEPARD’s is releasing his third solo album ‘Jaded’. Utilizing 3 vocalists to deliver Jim’s hard edged melodic rock songs gives the album plenty of variety. We have 2 cuts here, ‘Destiny’ and ‘Save The World’.

Next month, TONY MITCHELL, vocalist of British hard rockers Kiss Of The Gypsy and Dirty White Boyz, will release his debut solo album titled ‘Beggars Gold‘. We find two advances here, ‘Never Say Die’ and ‘What You Make It’, strong tunes mixing classic melodic rock with hard.

01 – Steve Perry – No Erasin’
02 – Angeline – Live Life (Like You Mean It)
03 – Dark Sky – Once
04 – Eclipse – Killing Me (Sellout Version)
05 – Whitesnake – All The Time In The World (acoustic)
06 – Snakes in Paradise – Things
07 – Ryan Roxie – Me Generation
08 – Jim Shepard – Destiny
09 – Jim Shepard – Save The World
10 – Billy F Gibbons – Missin’ Yo’ Kissin’
11 – Joe Bonamassa – Redemption
12 – Tony Mitchell – Never Say Die
13 – Tony Mitchell – What You Make It
14 – Stratovarius – Oblivion

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