CRAZY LIXX – Loud Minority [Frontiers remastered reissue +7] (2018)

CRAZY LIXX - Loud Minority [Frontiers remastered reissue +7] (2018) full

While waiting for the new CRAZY LIXX album, the band and Frontiers Music decided it was finally time to properly reissue the band’s debut album “Loud Minority”, remastered and adding seven bonus tracks.
At the same time, the first – long out-of-print – two releases for the Frontiers label, “New Religion” and “Riot Avenue” are being reissued with the addition of bonus material too.
For the first time, those releases will also be made available on limited vinyl editions too.

For years impossible to find, CRAZY LIXX full length debut “Loud Minority” is a killer LP. The band released some singles in the first half of 2000’s, and then “Loud Minority” appeared via a small, indie label.
The album sports a picture perfect production supplied by Swedish guru Chris Laney (of Zan Clan and Animal fame). Laney turned Crazy Lixx into a professional and polished melodic hard rock band, a group of young guys at the time that had talent and maturity far exceeding their age.
It is a production that could rival that of Motley Crue‘s Dr. Feelgood and Def Leppard‘s Hysteria – it is that huge.

The songs are filled with big hooks and melodies, with a clear ’80s influence. For being such a young band it is amazing that they were able to release such catchy mature material, and on such a consistent basis.
“Loud Minority” kicks things off with the Skid Row influenced “Hell Or High Water” and doesn’t let up from there. “Want It” is pure Eighties arena rock, complete with an abundance of memorable guitar riffs and layered back-up vocals.
“Make Ends Meet” starts off as a ballad before building up into one of the best songs on the disc while “Boneyard” shows that the band can crank up the volume to 11.

Most of Crazy Lixx‘s previously released material is included as well, re-worked and polished. “Heroes Are Forever” sounds fantastic as does the anthem “Do Or Die”. If you need proof of how far this band has evolved look no further than “Death Row”, which has been completely revamped with lush harmonies.
If you wanna taste the original versions, this Frontiers reissue added a bunch as bonus tracks.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Hell or High Water
02 – Dr Hollywood
03 – Want It
04 – Love on the Run
05 – Make Ends Meet
06 – Death Row
07 – Heroes Are Forever
08 – Do or Die
09 – Pure Desire
10 – Boneyard
11 – The Gamble
12 – Bad in a Good Way (original Japan edition bonus)
13 – No Guts, No Glory (original Japan edition bonus)
14 – Do or Die (2005 Single Version)
15 – Dr Hollywood (2013 Country Version)
16 – Death Row (Demo Version)
17 – Bad in a Good Way (Demo Version)
18 – Love on the Run (Demo Version)

Danny Rexon – lead vocals
Vic Zino – guitars, backing vovals
Joey Cirera – drums, percussion
Luke Rivano – bass



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