KENNY LECKREMO (H.E.A.T) – Kenny Leckremo’s Spectra (2018)

KENNY LECKREMO (H.E.A.T) - Kenny Leckremo’s Spectra (2018) full

KENNY LECKREMO’s SPECTRA, featuring ex-H.E.A.T lead vocalist Kenny Leckremo will release tomorrow its self-titled debut album. Leckremo was the singer for H.E.A.T from 2007 to 2010 and handled the lead vocals on the first two albums; H.E.A.T (2008) and Freedom Rock (2010), for many the best from the band ever.

But there’s more than a nod Kenny’s former band, as H.E.A.T guitarist Dave Dalone handles the six-strings on the album, on drums there’s the excellent Georg Härnsten Egg (Dynazty), while experienced Mikael Planefeldt (Opeth, Streamline) play bass.

01 – 10 Years
02 – Nothing to Die For
03 – Where Do We Go
04 – Lullaby
05 – We Were Young
06 – Give Her Some Time
07 – Vagabond
08 – White Lie
09 – Losing
10 – Live While You Can
11 – Walking on Madness
12 – Spectra (Intro)
13 – Spectra

Kenny Leckremo – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Dave Dalone (H.E.A.T) – guitars
Mikael Planefeldt (Opeth, Streamline) – bass
Georg Härnsten Egg (Dynazty) – drums, percussion


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