NEVERSIN – The Outside In (2018)

NEVERSIN - The Outside In (2018) full

We were already impressed by NEVERSIN previous album, and now the five-piece from Padova, Italy, are back with their brad new opus titled “The Outside In”.
Founded in 2004 by guitarist Matteo ‘Skench’ Scalcon aiming to explore all the rock sub-genres to give their music a wide variety of content, you can say that NeversiN not only achieved their goal, but also they’re one of the most interesting bands from the current Rock scene.

As happened with the band’s preceding CD, “The Outside In” is a fascinating eclectic mix of styles. The guys in NeversiN define themselves as a Hard Rock band, but there’s much, much more beyond. They have a progressive background as well, and that’s reflects into their music as well.
You can hear throughout the album a compelling blend of stylized Hard Rock, Neo Prog and even tech-melodic metal ala Queensryche circa Rage For Order.
But all elaborated and developed in a very personal way.

After the mix of synths, beats and layers of guitars that is opener ‘When Darkness Falls…’ – which is more than an ‘intro’ and in fact sets the mood for the album – we have ‘A Storm Is Coming’, a melodic rock prog tune with radio potential. There’s some Saga in the poppy verses, a catchy chorus and the clear vocals of Filippo “Ben” Benetton being a pleasure to hear.
‘Rage, Pt. 2’ rocks with polished guitars, there’s superb instrumentation in the dynamic ‘Life Preserved’, later ‘Rain’ brings the semi-ballad / midtempo song of the album, more melodic rock oriented than I expected, and I like it.

‘B.O.Y. (Because of You)’ is a joyful melodic rocker / neo prog tune plenty of lovely melodies, for ‘Evenstar’ NeversiN shows British influences from the early ’90s, and then we have ‘Symphony of Light’ some kind of a ‘suite’, however is not ‘that proggy’, as you could imagine.

NEVERSIN - The Outside In (2018) inside
‘Light the Universe’ is extremely melodious, quite poppy in its delivery, ‘The Main Sequence’ starts suave and then become quite uptempo in a Balance Of Power meets Marillion way.
‘Collapse’ is the closing number, another melodic and elaborated tune with great interplay and more sweet vocals.

“The Outside In” is just another very good album from NeversiN. They have the rare talent to potentially appeal a wide range of listeners from hard rock, metal, neo-prog, pop, and more.
Everything is polished to the extreme, the riffs sharp and melodic (including acoustic moments), the rhythm section precise – drummer Albertino Quarta is clearly influenced by Neil Peart and that’s a good thing in my book – and the lead / layered harmonies are astonishingly arranged.
It’s VERY recommended by this blog


01 – When Darkness Falls…
02 – A Storm Is Coming
03 – Rage, Pt. 2
04 – Life Preserved
05 – Rain
06 – B.O.Y. (Because of You)
07 – Light of the West
08 – Evenstar
09 – Cosmic Stroll in C# (Symphony of Light pt. I)
10 – Light the Universe (Symphony of Light pt. II)
11 – The Main Sequence (Symphony of Light pt. III)
12 – Collapse (Symphony of Light pt. IV)

Filippo “Ben” Benetton (lead vocals & backing vocals)
Matteo “Skench” Scalcon (guitars & vocals)
Federico “Sgana” Fabian (guitars, synths)
Daniele “Hurt” Businari (bass)
Alberto “Albertino” Quarta (drums & percussion)



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