ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE – Get It Out (2019)

ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE - Get It Out (2019) full

Hard Rock / Metal have seen their share of super-groups all over the years. What the genre hasn’t seen so often, is a super-duo. In 2014, two of Metal’s most notable bassists – Frank Bello of Anthrax and David Ellefson of Megadeth – debuted their own project called ALTITUDES & ATTITUDE with a little EP. Four years in the making, Altitudes & Attitude are primed for the release of their full length debut album, “Get It Out”, set to drop on January 18, 2019 thanks to the iconic Megaforce Records.

Don’t make the mistake of expecting anything remotely thrash metal on here – this has more to do with stadium ready rock than anything of the Big 4 (Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica). That’s to their credit, though, as even if you could argue that neither Anthrax or Megadeth makes thrash records anymore, then this still comes from an entirely different place.

Altitudes And Attitude is the hard rock project of Bello& Ellefson, and when you’ve been in bands like Anthrax and Megadeth for as long as those two, then you are entitled to call in some mates to help.
To handle most the guitar solos, there’s Christian Martucci (Stone Sour and new Black Star Riders axe-man), Jon Donais (Anthrax), Gus G (Ozzy), Nita Strauss, and just for good measure, KISS’ Ace Frehley turns up too.

As said, this is straight rock ‘n roll – single-kick drumming and the medium-gain rhythm guitars – with a modern sound yet a definite retro feel.
The title track swaggers in. Bello who handles vocals roars the verse, but goodness, the choruses slam and soar. It’s modernity sets the tone for the whole thing too
“Late” is the sort of thing that will cheerfully send 80,000 mad in some festival field, “Out Here” is darker than the others, but there’s a real melody here too.

“Slip” pulses, chugs and is charged up with electricity, while “Talk To Me” on the other hand, shows all the other US arena rock bands how to be interesting.
“Leviathan” isn’t quite as gargantuan as you think, but does allow Bello to take the bass, for a metal instrumental piece, then “Cold” is tinged with acoustics and is one of the best tracks.

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You can imagine “Another Day” on one of Slash’s albums with Myles Kennedy, and if “All There is” is something you might not expect, there is something a little unsettling about its grooves, as it takes a dark turn.
However, if you’re looking for the catchiest thing here, then let’s not look further than “Booze And Cigarettes”

As a whole, “Get It Out” is a cool album. While it is not going to change music, as we know it, it serves as one of those enjoyable excursions for musicians from other genre.
This is some insightful down-to-earth hard rocking, from the streams of old school real deal consciousness.

01. Get It Out
02. Late
03. Out Here
04. Part of Me
05. Slip
06. Talk to Me
07. Leviathan
08. Cold
09. Another Day
10. All There Is
11. Booze and Cigarettes
12. Tell the World
13. Here Again

Frank Bello – Vocals, Bass, Guitars (Anthrax)
David Ellefson – Bass, Guitars (Knight Fury, Megadeth)
Jeff Friedl – Drums (A Perfect Circle)
Ace Frehley – Guitar solo
Christian Martucci (Black Star Riders) – Guitar solo
Nita Strauss – Guitar solo
Jon Donais (Anthrax) – Guitar solo
Gus G – Guitar solo


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