BLOOD RED SAINTS – Pulse (2019)

BLOOD RED SAINTS - Pulse (2019) full

To be released tomorrow via AOR Heaven Records, “Pulse” is album number three from British melodic hard rockers BLOOD RED SAINTS, following hot on the heels of last year’s enjoyable ‘Love Hate Conspiracies’, an album which made a fair few year end ‘best of’ lists.
Co-founding member Rob Naylor has left the band, with vocalist Pete Godfrey taking over bass duties. Also this album is the first one to feature no outside writers, as all eleven songs have been written by the band.

The Blood Red Saints love of those Def Leppard harmonies is still firmly in place, none more so than on the frantic rock of ‘I’m Your Devil’ – what a gloriously catchy song this is – and the ballad ‘What Have We Become’.
The band have also added in more effects to the intros on songs, which in part fulfills the band’s mission to make melodic hard rock but move away from some of the musical cliches associated with the genre.

‘Warrior’ use synths to create depth and features one of the album’s stand out guitar solos, while title track has a more, little classic rock feeling.
‘Cross To Bear’, along with the aforementioned ‘I’m Your Devil’, is one of the best songs Blood Red Saints have recorded to date. After a suitably grandiose intro, it leads into a massive hook filled chorus with plenty of musical bounce to ensure it becomes a live favorite.

Blood Red Saints did not stay still for their 3rd effort “Pulse”, adding to the classy melodic hard rock recipe a fresh touch. The Def Lepp melodies are still here however the band try to expand their sound on every song.
As result the album isn’t as ‘instant’ as the previous, but believe me, after the second spin you’ll agree this is a very, very well crafted – and clever – melodic hard rock CD.
Highly Recommended

01. Believer
02. Animals
03. Cross to Bear
04. Invincible
05. I’m Your Devil
06. Crash Into Me
07. Pulse
08. Message to God
09. Warrior
10. What Have We Become
11. Bring Me to Life

Pete Godfrey – vocals, bass
Lee Revill – guitars
Neil Hibbs – guitars
Andy Chemney – drums

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