LYNX – Caught In The Trap [No Remorse Records remastered +3] *EXCLUSIVE*

LYNX - Caught In The Trap [No Remorse Records remastered +3]  full

Requested by one of you, here’s Swedish ’80s keyboard-infused hard rockers LYNX and their one and only album “Caught In The Trap” originally released in 1985. Reissued by No Remorse Records for first time on CD format, it has been fully remastered including 3 bonus tracks.
With a sound reminiscent of the first two EUROPE albums – which are mainly focused on the guitars with keyboard / synth flourishes – Lynx seem to understand this concept and find ways to introduce both instruments in complete harmony, making this release one of Sweden’s 80s hard rock very best.

Soaring lead vocals, riffs galore, that ‘mysterious’ keyboards and punchy clean production are the main focus of “Caught In The Trap”. It’s that kind of enjoyable mid-Eighties Scandinavian hard n’ heavy, and while EUROPE is the perfect comparison, you can hear TNT, ’80s RAINBOW, 220 VOLT, etc, similitude as well.
The result of their work was surprisingly good and nothing sounds like a rip-off from the aforementioned bands.

Lynx has their own sound that combines melodies with a certain edge. The keyboards build a strong foundation for many songs (“Win or Loose” or “Don’t Fool Me”) but the sharp guitars riffs are the driven force behind these songs.
Just listen to the excellent “Fingers Crossed”; DOKKEN have not written better songs even in their ‘Under Lock and Key’ days. This is a thrilling hard rock ’80s anthem that has an irresistible hook-line and a power that puts a spell on you.

I just love that keyboard / synth magic intro to “My Own Way”, the quite epic “Man Without a Face”, and the RAINBOW, and why not, DIO solo, influenced “Master of Evil”.

LYNX - Caught In The Trap [No Remorse Records remastered +3] back

Another song that’s worth to be mentioned is “Final Race”. The keyboard / guitar arrangement reminds me of DEEP PURPLE’s releases in the Eighties and the drums are merciless pushing this song.
And also the melodious “Nightwaker” with its mystic touch has a lot of identity.

I could continue this way since there is not a single filler on the album. It’s great that No Remorse re-released and remastered this pearl from the ’80s Swedish scene. And there’s a non-album track recorded live plus 2 demos as bonus.
LYNX’s “Caught In The Trap” is one of these ‘lost n’ good’ albums from the Eighties that deserve to be listened by fans of the above mentioned bands, and more. It owns the ‘magic’ of an era, and rocks.
Limited Edition of 1000 Copies.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – My Own Way
02 – Win or Lose
03 – Fingers Crossed
04 – Man Without a Face
05 – Don’t Fool Me
06 – Final Race
07 – Nothing in Return
08 – Master of Evil
09 – Nightwalker
10 – In the Night (Live)
11 – Keep on Loving Me
12 – Race to Hell

Mats Eriksson: Vocals
Per Larsson: Guitars
Mats Hermasson: Keyboards
Kauno Vaattovaara: Bass
Carl Moser: Drums


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