NIGHT – Long Distance [Rock Candy remastered] (2019)

NIGHT-Long-Distance-Rock-Candy-remastered-Heart-Pat-Benatar full

Rock Candy Records specialists have remastered and officially put on CD both NIGHT – Chris Thompson & Stevie Vann Lange band – albums for the first time outside Japan. We have already featured here the Japanese remasters, however these RC fresh releases are far superior.
This Night second album Long Distance is much more rocking / guitar oriented, with a melodic radio friendly approach.

Night came together combining the skills of several already well established musicians and session pros of impeccable pedigree.
Female vocalist Stevie Lange (AKA Stevie Vann) had worked with the likes of Graham Bonnet, Elton John and Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. It was through her association with M.M.E.B. that Lange met vocalist / guitarist Chris Thompson who had sung vocals on the Earth Band’s biggest hit ‘Blinded By The Light’.

Although both Night albums were recorded in L.A. and intended for the American market, the essence of the band was basically British; founded in a London pub and the music composed & driven by Lange & Thompson (NZ born but educated in Australia and England).

Originally released in 1980 and featuring some line-up changes, the band hardened their sound.
Often compared with Heart, actually Night was more commercial radio-ready at that time of this second album, as heard on the catchy ‘Callin’ Me Back’ (with a soundtrack of the era feel), the Pat Benatar-like ‘You Cried Wolf’, or the quite punchy ‘Dr. Rock’.
The disc produced a minor hit with the melodious “Love on the Airwaves”, but otherwise was criminally overlooked. Soon after, Night officially disbanded in 1982.

“Long Distance” remained unavailable on CD for a long time, although a Japanese-only remaster now out of print appeared some time ago.
Now, this Rock Candy reissue makes the album available again, with a fresh, punchy remastering.
Highly Recommended


01 – Dr. Rock
02 – Don’t Break My Heart
03 – Love On The Airwaves
04 – The Letter
05 – Callin’ Me Back
06 – You Cried Wolf
07 – Stealin’
08 – Miss You (Like I Do)
09 – Day After Day
10 – Good To Be Back In Your Arms

Chris Thompson: lead vocals, guitars
Stevie Vann (Lange): lead vocals
Robbie McIntosh: guitars, vocals
Billy Kristian: bass, vocals
Bobby Wright: keyboards
Bobby Guidotti: drums



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