MORANO – Incognito (2019)

MORANO - Incognito (2019) full

Aftter some delaying, songwriter and session guitarist Duane MORANO is ready to release his debut album, “Incognito”, to be released tomorrow.
Feel-good melodic rock is how Morano describe describe this CD, trying to capture everything he loved about the music of his youth: ’80 arena rock. Loud guitars, soaring vocals, and songs that told stories about life.

To help him in this mission Morano assembled a stellar supporting cast yo fie for: Tyketto’s Danny Vaughn, Extreme’s Pat Badger and Kevin Figueiredo, Firehouse’s Michael Foster and Bill Leverty, XYZ’s Terry Ilouis, The Firm / Blue Murder’s Tony Franklin, and Alice Cooper’s guitarist Nita Strauss, among others.

The recordings have been produced by Bill Leverty (of Firehouse) with many of the album guitar tones being crafted by legendary producer, Michael Wagener.
“Incognito” is pure class, killer melodic hard rock / AOR in songwriting, performances and sound design.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – After the Love
(Danny Vaughn, Pat Badger, Michael Foster, Bryan Cole)

02 – Cookie Jar
(Bryan Cole, Tony Franklin, Michael Foster, Chris Lester)

03 – Love Is A Lie
(Terry Ilous, JK Northrup, Pat Badger, Michael Foster)

04 – Face the Fire
(Danny Vaughn, Keith Horne, Bryan Cole, Kevin Figueiredo)

05 – Giovanna
(Danny Vaughn, John Morano, Michael Foster)

06 – Don’t Believe You
(Bryan Cole, Keith Horne, Michael Foster)

07 – Barely Breathing
(Danny Vaughn, Pat Badger, Michael Foster)

08 – Kid Gloves
(Danny Vaughn, Pat Badger, Michael Foster, John Surabian, Bryan Cole)

09 – I Want Love
(Terry Ilous, Tony Franklin, Michael Foster, Bryan Cole)

10 – Hearts
(Terry Ilous, Tony Franklin, M. Foster, Dan Michaels, Bryan Cole)

11 – Manhattan
(Dan Michaels, Pat Badger, Michael Foster, Nita Strauss)

12 – Why
(Terry Ilous, Duane Morano, Keith Horne, Bryan Cole, Michael Foster)

13 – Sincerely Yours
(Bryan Cole, Pat Badger, Michael Foster, Shane French)

Duane Morano – guitars
Danny Vaughn (Tyketto) – vocals
Terry Ilous (XYZ) – vocals
Bryan Cole – vocals
Michael Foster (Firehouse) – bass
Pat Badger (Extreme) – bass
Tony Franklin (Blue Murder) – bass
Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper) – guitar
Kevin Figueiredo (Extreme) – drums
and more

Produced by Bill Leverty (of Firehouse)
Mixed by Michael Wagener

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