THE BRINK – Nowhere To Run (2019)

THE BRINK - Nowhere To Run (2019) full

British hard rockers THE BRINK will see their full length debut album “Nowhere To Run” out this May 17 via Frontiers Music. After two self-managed EP’s, The Brink signed to Frontiers in 2017 and have been working for this major label release with renowned producer Nick Tauber (Thin Lizzy, UFO, Marillion).
Weaving melodic vocal and instrumental harmonies around driving rock riffs in the vein of fellow label mates Bigfoot, Wayward Sons or Inglorious, the record is packed with fist-pumping anthems and solid ballads befitting 21st Century Def Leppard and Bon Jovi, fresh and energetic.

The Brink’s style is based in traditional hard rock, influenced by classic bands of both the past and present, however with a modern edge production added to the mix delivering a vibrant form of updated balls-to-the-wall rock ’n roll.
Bursting with youthful exuberance The Brink rocks, yet always with melody as main focus. “Nowhere To Run” packs an huge track list, and there’s quite variety on offer.

While the overall sound production is clear, pristine, melodic-oriented and many of the tunes with the catchy factor on – just check the first two tracks ‘Little Janie’ and ‘Break These Chains’ – The Brink try something different with ‘Never Again’ with a touch of modernity on it, then ‘Save Goodbye’ has a feel of 2000’s Def Leppard.

‘Take Me Away’ is very radio friendly and for sure will be a live favorite, then the chorus on ‘One Night Only’ is pretty anthemic blending classic hard rock with current riffs.
Of course there’s a couple of ballads as well, ‘Wish’ creating atmospheres via strong verses, and ‘Are You With Me’ being more in the mid-paced field where the guitar work is quite muscular anyway.

THE BRINK - Nowhere To Run (2019) inside

More classic hard arrive with the driving ‘Said And Done’ and its groovy riffage, the energetic ‘Fairytale’, and the punchy ‘Burn’ where the vocals turn more riotous for good effect.
There’s a foot tapping rhythm to ‘Don’t Count Me Out’, afterwards for ‘Nothing To Fear’ The Brink switch again to a slightly darker – yet melodic – sound.

The Brink are part of the new blood – or new breed, as Frontiers classify young and upcoming bands from their roster – from the hard rock scene. They have the chops and abilty to write catchy, solid tunes to appeal old an new generations.
“Nowhere To Run” is a very solid, enjoyable debut from a band that promises bigger things to come.
Highly Recommended

01. Little Janie
02. Break These Chains
03. Never Again
04. Save Goodbye
05. Take Me Away
06. One Night Only
07. Wish
08. Said And Done
09. Fairytale
10. Don’t Count Me Out
11. Nothing To Fear
12. No Way Back
13. Are You With Me
14. Burn

Tom Quick – Vocals
Lexi Laine – Lead Guitar
Izzy Trixx – Rhythm Guitar
Gaz Connor – Bass
Davide Drake Bocci – Drums

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