FIST OF RAGE – Black Water (2019)

FIST OF RAGE - Black Water (2019) full

Hailing from Italy, melodic hard rockers FIST OF RAGE are releasing their 2nd album titled “Black Water”, a recording that took almost eight years since their debut due some line up changes and the ‘cos the band wanted to polish things to offer the best product possible.
In between years served the band to hone their craft, playing the club circuit and opening for big names of the international hard rock scene.

Fist Of Rage’s overall sound is a vivid mix of classic sounds of the genre with an AOR touch, something which brings to mind current Europe (Norum & Co.) The twin guitars have a full presence spiced with synth arrangements and occasional Hammond flourishes, while Piero Pattay’s vocals are strong but modulated.

The album opens with the vigor of ‘Just For A While’; lashing guitars, a pumping bass / drum tandem, keyboard melodies and power vocals.
Next, ‘New Beginning’ indeed showcases the ‘new’ era of the band with a more modern approach; there’s some modern riffs, but the chorus is pure 80s, or early 90s if you want. Great song.

‘Between Love and Hate’ adds a lot of groove with some 2000’s Whitesnake on it,
The title track has more “melancholy” bluesy tones, again Europe comes to mind. In ‘Mudman'” there is also a Hammond that gives the piece a vintage atmosphere.
Another noteworthy piece is ‘Lost’, a ballad full of emotions with an AOR atmosphere in a crescendo of intensity that surely will hit the listeners.

‘These Days’ and ‘Awake’ are very catchy hard rockin’ songs, ‘Americanized’ in sound and fun to listen to. Closer ‘September Tears’ is different, a classic rock / classic metal ballad with pianos and guest female vocals creating a nice vibe.

Fist Of Rage will pleasantly surprise you with “Black Water”, a very well composed and performed piece of classic, traditional hard rock, melodic, varied, and finely produced with an updated sound.
There’s not much bands out there playing this type of ‘traditional’ hard, and these Italians are very god at it.
Highly Recommended


01 – Just for a While
02 – New Beginning
03 – Between Love and Hate
04 – Black Water
05 – Mudman
06 – Lost
07 – These Days
08 – Awake
09 – Set Me Free
10 – September Tears

Piero Pattay – Vocals
Marco Onofri – Guitar
Davide Alessandrini – Guitar
Saverio Gaglianese – Bass
Stefano Alessandrini – Keyboards
Alfredo Macuz – Drums
Giada Etro – guest female Vocals



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