MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK – Colours [Remastered +8]

MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK - Colours [Remastered + bonus] full

Already presented here with their self-titled debut few posts ago, the essential discography of Danish band MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK has been remastered and reissued with a bunch of bonus tracks.
Colours” was MLTR second effort and made the band a world-wide sensation; in the first year of its release sold 1.2 million copies. Stars in the Asian market as well, the CD hit the 300.000 mark in Thailand, becoming the second best-selling album of all time there (behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller).
This remastered reissue includes 8 bonus tracks, most of them previously unreleased.

I always had a soft spot for Michael Learns To Rock, a band combining melodic rock&pop elegance with elaborated harmonies and a light AOR atmosphere.
Released two years after their celebrated debut, “Colours” is a much mature effort where the Hi-Tech flirtation of the first was replaced by polished, timeless melodies. It’s smooth music, mixing European and American influences mostly from the second half of the ’80s.

Michael Learns To Rock’s songs are simple but so cleverly constructed that each number grabs you immediately.
There’s uptempo pumping cuts like ”You Keep Me Running’ (title says all) or the bouncy ‘I’m Gonna Come Back’ blended with graceful midtempo tunes in ‘Something Right’ or ‘Ocean Of Love’.
There’s elegance in ‘Complicated Heart’ (bringing to mind some Canadian acts) or the hit single ‘Sleeping Child’, while the AORish ’25 Minutes’ is filled with some sublime vocal harmonies.

MICHAEL LEARNS TO ROCK - Colours [Remastered + bonus] back

Michael Learns To Rock delivers easy to the ear yet quality stuff in “Colours”, all extremely melodic and polished to the extreme. The crystal clear production is even more enhanced on this remaster, including as plus 8 bonuses, being one of my favorites the melodic rock oriented ‘Never Ending Sunrise’, an outtake from the original recording sessions.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Wild Women
02 – Something Right
03 – Sleeping Child
04 – I’m Gonna Come Back
05 – Complicated Heart
06 – 25 Minutes
07 – You Keep Me Running
08 – Out Of The Blue
09 – Ocean Of Love
10 – I Wanna Dance
11 – Sleeping Child (Special Remix from ‘Strange Foreign Beauty’)
12 – Sleeping Child (Demo)
13 – 25 Minutes (Demo)
14 – Never Ending Sunrise (Outtake, Unreleased)
15 – Something Right (Puk Studio Version, Unreleased)
16 – Wild Women (Puk Studio Acoustic Version, Unreleased)
17 – Complicated Heart (No Drums Version, Unreleased)
18 – Out Of The Blue (Demo)

Jascha Richter – lead vocals, keyboards, guitars
Mikkel Lentz – guitars, keyboards
Kåre Wanscher – drums, percussion
Søren Madsen – bass, rhythm guitar, backing vocals, percussion



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