STRANDED (Canada) – New Dawn (2019)

STRANDED (Canada) - New Dawn (2019) full

After many years on hiatus, Canadian AORsters STRANDED are back with a new album titled “New Dawn”, still with frontman Troy Reid and multi-instrumentalist / songwriter Lewis Nitikman at the helm. Some of you will remember their first album from 1999, a delicious slice of melodic tunes, and I’m pleased to say they continue in this vein with “New Dawn”.

All these cats are seasoned musicians, Nitikman was part of cult melodic rockers Stonebolt, Reid’s well known set of pipes graced albums by Canadian favourites ‘Agent’ and ‘Diamond In the Rough’, and both are joined here by ex-Stonebolt member guitarist Ray Roper.
Reid vocals are a perfect fit for Stranded’s delicate AOR sound in the classic Canadian pristine style, a passionate and melodic singer which is an essential part for any decent AOR album.

Although the recordings are new, the songs were written over a number of years and as Lewis himself commented “These songs were written during a particularly tumultuous time in my life and I’m very pleased that they are getting this opportunity to be heard”
The lead song ‘Not Enough Sorry’ is a superb piece of traditional AOR, from the classy vocals to the exquisite musicianship. Fellow fans of lush keys and piano arrangements will love this song. It reminded me a lot of Soleil Moon, both vocally and in the chorus.

Different style entirely on ‘More Than Words Can Say’, which has a late night, bluesy West Coast feel to it. Again the production and arrangements are spot on.
‘Take Good Care Of Me’ would appeal to ’80s Michael Bolton fans as Reid’s vocal is like Bolton at his peak. Add in some stylish keyboards and you have another winning combination.
The sunshine almost pours out of ‘I’ll Be The One’, helped by acoustic guitar and a soothing rhythmic beat.

Co-produced by Nitikman, the end tweaks and the mixing was carried out by award winning Bill Buckingham and it must be said that he has done a great job. “New Dawn” contains 11 very well crafted AOR tunes ideal for FM radio airplay thirty-five years ago, when melody ruled the airwaves.
Top quality music from start to finish, smooth classy AOR with West Coast touches.
Highly Recommended


01. Not Enough Sorry
02. I’ll Be The One
03. Get Over This
04. Arrow
05. More Than Words Can Say
06. Take Good Care Of Me
07. Power Of Love
08. Cindy
09. One Piece Of Heaven
10. Give Me Love
11. I Believe In This Love

Troy Reid: Lead Vocals (Agent)
Lewis Nitikman: All Instruments (ex-Stonebolt)
Ray Roper: Guitars, Backing Vocals (ex-Stonebolt)
Bill Buckingham: Additional Guitars



5 Responses

  1. Rune Hansen says:

    Not as good as i was hoping for after all this time

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lewis was also the main man behind Canadian AOR act “Diamond In The Rough”. They released their lone self-titled album in 1988.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Diamond In the Rough is an amazing AOR album.
    I will definitely check this also!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Could you please post their first album ‘Long Way to Heaven’, maybe in its Japanese edition as well?

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