ROCKY KRAMER – Firestorm (2019)

ROCKY KRAMER - Firestorm (2019) full

In release dates when many major label albums appear, sometimes there’s some surprises from the indie camp, such as this “Firestorm”, the ‘American’ debut CD from Norwegian songwriter, guitarist & vocalist ROCKY KRAMER. This is a fun mix of classic hard rock and metal, in a style and sound that bring to mind movies like RockStar, Wayne’s World or Bill & Ted.

Rocky moved from Norway to Los Angeles to advance his musical career, recruited some musicians with the same love for the ’80s / early 90s rock, ad created “Firestorm”, some kind of concept album that speaks to the maelstrom of the teen years, and a kid dreaming to be Rockstar.
“Firestorm” takes the listener on a journey through 14 inter-connected cuts, some of them are spoken / little musical interludes, which drive you to the story while alternating rockers with ballads.
Kramer isn’t the best vocalist in the world, however his pipes work for this tale of rock n’ roll dreams.

While it isn’t a parody, the album is plenty of fun, and musically rocks with a touch of Alice Cooper circa 1989, some hair metal cliches – on purpose – and hard rock riffs. All are served in different way (different drum effects, guitar set-up, etc) which benefits the flow of the record.
Check this out, it’s a good, entertaining stuff.


01 – Invocation
02 – Rock Star
03 – Alcohol
04 – The Firestorm Symphony
05 – Go To Hell
06 – Entr’acte Confusion
07 – I Wanna Know
08 – Entr’acte Frustration
09 – Sick & Tired
10 – Entr’acte Deception
11 – Attitude
12 – Can You Feel It
13 – The Outsider
14 – Black & Brown

ROCKY KRAMER – Guitars, lead vocals
MICHAEL DWYER – Bass, vocals
ALESSANDRO BERTONI – Keyboards, vocals


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