Mr QUINN – Walking Through The Fire (2019)

Mr QUINN - Walking Through The Fire (2019) full

Two years after the initial studio sessions at Studio Spiff in Skellefteå, Swedish melodic rockers Mr QUINN are proud to announce the release of their third studio album ”Walking Through the Fire”. The album marks the band’s recording debut with new drummer, experienced Tobias Lundgren (ex Moon Safari).
In fact, all Mr Quinn are seasoned musicians with the band founded in the ’80s when they were called Borderline releasing a couple of excellent AOR singles, now much sought after by collectors.
Since then the band morphed into different projects, but finally found solid ground about nine years ago.

So, all musicians here are experienced. Vocalist Johan Paavola was part of Ride The Sky, HP-Band, Freetown and many others, guitarist Christer Lundgren also in Freetown, keyboard player Urban Lundgren in Deep Canyon, HeadLine, Propeller, etc.

Mr Quinn’s roots and musical skeleton is Scandinavian melodic hard rock, but they have a slightly British feel now. You can hear a strong classic rock vibe as well thanks to use of Hammond organ / vintage keyboards and a valvular guitar set-up sound.
At places they sound like ’85 Deep Purple, ’90s Rainbow or ’84 Whitesnake, yet much more melodic, even with an AOR touch here and there.

All Nr Quinn members are competent players and they know how to arrange the songs to the point, avoiding overdoing them. Johan Paavola has a warm, smooth set of pipes fitting rightly these classic rock inspired tunes.
Overall, there’s a very solid songwriting on “Walking Through The Fire”, a fine classic slice of melodic hard rock / classic rock done with a vintage feeling yet updated in production which, btw, is clear and detailed.
Very well done guys. Highly Recommended


01 – Together Again
02 – No One Is Dead
03 – Got to Go (A Love Story)
04 – All Through the Night
05 – Walking Through the Fire
06 – My Recall
07 – Nothing Last Forever
08 – Hold On
09 – No Tomorrow
10 – My Love
11 – It’s up to You
12 – Don’t Hold Back

Johan Paavola: Lead vocals
Christer Lundgren: Guitars, vocals
Urban Lundgren: Organ, piano, synthesizers
Jonas Wiik: Bass
Tobias Lundgren: Drums



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