WEAPON UK – Ghosts Of War (2019)

WEAPON UK - Ghosts Of War (2019) full

Born in 1980 with the moniker Fast Relief, British based based band WEAPON UK has a long story at their back. The band first came onto the scene back in 1980 during the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal boom, got signed by Virgin Records, opener for Motorhead for their U.K. tour, and played at various festivals.
The current line-up sees original duo – vocalist Danny Hynes and guitarist Jeff Summers – joined by drummer Darren Lee and bassist Tony Forsythe, and are releasing the rocking new album “Ghosts Of War”.

“Ghosts Of War” is made of full heavy rock rooted in a classic metal sound spiced with groovy hard rock overtones, and while the album cover and some lyrics are quite somber, there’s a lively, joyful vibe all over.
The title track opener sets their musical stall out nicely, pelting metal riffs backed by a pounding rhythm section and one of the many top notch solos from Summers. Touch of a Sabbath riff here and there and guest vocalist Clare Cunningham (ex-Thundermother) adds a further bit of class to the proceedings.

Weapon UK mix it up though as ‘Queen Of The Ride’ has a cheeky bluesy riff, bit like prime time Gillan. They even manage to get in a stirring ballad ‘Redman’, a chance for Danny Hynes to shine. His vocals remind me of Alice Cooper at times particularly on ‘All I Need’, not a bad comparison I am sure. Nice bit of guitar picking before it leads into a fully-fledged solo.
If you want a good old-school headbanger look no further than ‘Sea Of Hope’ or ‘Hell On Earth’, on each song the guitars and rhythm section fit each other perfectly.

‘Redman’ is a melancholic ‘metal ballad’ with a warm atmosphere that although it is enriched by heavy rock sounds, is able to balance perfectly, giving rise to an interesting song, certainly one of the best on this album.
Weapon UK pay tribute to the excitement of the NWOBHM era in ’79 Revisited’, and there’s a rip roaring run through ‘Set The Stage Alight’, while Cunningham returns on the more Celtic themed ‘G.O.W’ Reprise’.

Weapon UK will certainly appeal to fans of classic rock as they have a classic metal sound, but are good on the melodies and lift themselves from the pub metal sound of many NWOBHM bands.
“Ghosts Of War” is a perfect album for those after a dose of classy 80s metal / traditional hard rock that has the NWoBHM vibe but adds an updated sheen.
Easily Recommended


01 – Ghosts of War
02 – Queen of the Ride
03 – Redman
04 – Sea of Hope
05 – Emerald God
06 – Tourniquet
07 – All I Need
08 – Hell on Earth
09 – ’79 Revisited
10 – Set the Stage Alight (2017)
11 – Ghosts of War (Reprise)

Danny Hynes – vocals
Jeff Summers – guitars
Darren Lee – drums
Tony Forsythe – bass



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