STAN BUSH & BARRAGE – Stan Bush & Barrage [Collectors Edition +8] *EXCLUSIVE*

STAN BUSH & BARRAGE - Stan Bush & Barrage [Collectors Edition +8] *EXCLUSIVE* full

If you are a true AOR fan, all the blabbermouth below is unnecessary… STAN BUSH & BARRAGE self-titled 1987 is an absolute classic of the genre. While the Rock Candy Records remaster is excellent, this rare ‘Collectors Edition‘ including 8 bonus tracks is a must have as well.

Have you noticed there are only a few albums from the ’80s that sound dated nowadays? The reason is simple: the big labels always hired famed (and expensive) producers.
In the case of Stan Bush, it was no one else than Kevin Beamish (REO Speedwagon, Y&T) who produced his first album, and while at the time it didn’t sold as much as expected, garnered healthy critical acclaim and cemented Bush’s reputation as top class songwriter.

In 1987 Stan signed to the Scotti Brothers label but this time under the handle of Stan Bush & Barrage, a ruse designed to toughen up his image and present a sharper, band identity to the record buying public.
Produced by veteran Richie Wise (Kiss) and utilising a number of key session players (dubbed Barrage) including members of Black Rose, Foreigner, John Parr and Rick Springfield’s band (there’s future Mr. Big’s Pat Torpey on all drums), the music was superbly executed hook laden Melodic Rock AOR sitting atop raunchy guitar work and big, beefy drums and bass lines.

This golden recording features world class tracks like “Love Don’t Lie”, “Heart vs Head”, “Temptation”, “Crank That Radio” and of course “The Touch”, the single that was included in the soundtrack to the hit movie ‘Transformers’, helping it to become a melodic staple recognised the world over.

STAN BUSH & BARRAGE - Stan Bush & Barrage [Collectors Edition +8] booklet

This ‘Collectors Edition’ seems to be unofficial, but who cares; the sound quality and the packaging are great (full booklet & lyrics), plus 8 hard to find tracks as bonus, like ”Dare” (Transformes The Movie 1986), ‘Never Surrender [Different Version]’ from Kickboxer 1989 soundtrack, ‘Forever [Extended Version]’, just to mention a few.

“Stan Bush & Barrage” is – simply put – an ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR masterpiece.
And this rare Collectors Edition a great addition even if you have other press of the CD.


01 – Temptation
02 – Love Don t Lie
03 – Primitive Lover
04 – Heart Vs. Head
05 – Crank That Radio
06 – Gates Of Paradise
07 – Do You Remember
08 – Take It Like A Man
09 – The Touch
10 – What Is Love
11 – Dare (Transformers The Movie 1986)
12 – Forever [Extended Version] (1990)
13 – Blinded (1990)
14 – Never Surrender [Different Version] (Kickboxer 1989)
15 – Streets Of Siam (Kickboxer 1989)
16 – Fight For Love (Kickboxer 1989)
17 – Free And Easy (1993)
18 – Keep Falling In Love (1993)

Stan Bush – vocals, guitar
Rocket Ritchotte – guitar
Mike Seifrit – bass
Pat Torpey – drums
Rick Seratte – keyboards


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  1. Scupp says:

    Another immense AOR gem that everyone should own!

  2. Retro Hound says:

    Thanks so much for this unexpected and RARE post! Keep the rock alive!!

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