RAVEN – Metal City (2020)

RAVEN - Metal City (2020) full

It’s often small things that can give powerful impetus to a musician’s creativity. In the case of cult 80s metal trio RAVEN, featuring the English brothers John (bass, vocals) and Mark (guitar) Gallagher, it was the unanimously positive reactions to their last studio release five years ago, and of course the arrival of drummer Mike Heller (he joined the fold in summer 2017 to replace Joe Hasselvander, who had left the band due to health issues) which resulted in an the writing & recording of this new album “Metal City”.
Its title speaks for itself; ”Metal City” sees Raven delivering ten songs of fun, no holds barred traditional Eighties metal, recorded with a modern big production sound.


01 – The Power
02 – Top Of The Mountain
03 – Human Race
04 – Metal City
05 – Battlescarred
06 – Cybertron
07 – Motorheadin’
08 – Not So Easy
09 – Break
10 – When Worlds Collide

John Gallagher – Bass Guitar, Vocals
Mark Gallagher – Guitar, backing vocals
Mike Heller – Drums



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