TIME GALLERY (Sweden) – Time Gallery [Special Edition +4]

TIME GALLERY - Time Gallery [Special Edition +4] full

We already featured here the second and final album by TIME GALLERY reissued. Many of you asked for their self titled debut CD, in its re-release from some years ago titled Time Gallery [Special Edition +4] only appeared in Scandinavia as Limited Edition including 4 additional bonus tracks, now out of print.

I don’t know how many of you out there own one or even the two albums of Time Gallery, but I suspect not that many, except collectors. For the uninitiated, this Scandinavian band has released two studio albums: this self-titled in 1989 and ‘Kaleidoscope’ in 1992.
Their style of music can be described as a catchy mix of hi-tech AOR, stylized Melodic Rock and European styled Westcoast AOR.

Time Gallery’s debut album was produced by American legend Keith Olsen (Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Whitesnake, Rick Springfield, etc.), so you can expect a brilliant, pristine sound design typically ‘1989’.
Rick Springfield was so impressed by the album that he invited Time Gallery to be his support act (and also as backing group!) on his USA-tour that year.

Besides, they were recommended to various booking agencies by the prestigious core force behind the acclaimed I-Ten band /composers Tom Kelly & Billy Steinberg.
Also contributing on “Time Gallery” is uber talented Airplay / What If vocalist Tommy Funderburk (uncredited on the prints of the original release).

The bulk of the songs were written by vocalist Patrik de Vee and keyboarder Johan Stentorp and it has to be said there are many pearls to be found, such as the strong opener “Echo Park”, “The Promise”, the outstanding “The Letter” or the TOTO-ish “I’ll Be Gone”.

The four additional bonus tracks include the band’s first ever 7” single “Carefree Days” from 1986, and its B-side “Hearts Of Hunger”. The single (vinyl only) was produced by Ulf Wahlberg & Time Gallery.
“Gentle Touch” was originally the B-side of their 1991 ‘Love Smash’ single which was produced by Time Gallery, Keith Olsen & Nik Foss and written by Johan Stentorp, Patric de Vee & Time Gallery.
“Give It Up”, previously unreleased, is a rare private cassette outtake from the early years. All must have material for collectors

TIME GALLERY - Time Gallery [Special Edition +4] back

“Time Gallery [Special Edition +4]” a delicious CD plenty of smooth melodies, excellent Scandinavian trademark musicianship and top class production.
A really hard to find reissue strictly limited to 1,000 copies.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Echo Park
02 – Taking The Best
03 – The Promise
04 – Valerie
05 – All I Want
06 – The Letter
07 – Blueboy
08 – Same Kind
09 – No Trace Of Love
10 – I’ll Be Gone
11 – Nowhere Land
12 – Carefree Days (First ever 7” single)
13 – Gentle Touch (B-side)
14 – Hearts Of Hunger (B-side
15 – Give It Up (Rare cassette outtake)

Patrik De Vee – lead vocals, bass
Frederik Bergengren – guitar, vocals
Johan Stentorp – keyboards, vocals
Carl Colt – drums, percussion
Tommy Funderburk – vocals


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