PATRIK AHLM CONCORD – California Heatwave (2021)

PATRIK AHLM CONCORD - California Heatwave (2021) full

Despite decades in the music business it took until 2021 for Swede PATRIK AHLM to get ready to release music under his own name. An experienced musician, producer, and songwriter who has been part of reputed AOR bands like Time Gallery, Colorstone, Art Of Illusion, and recently Backman Johanson (just to name few), Ahlm has a way down intense passion for music and is an irreparable serial songwriter.
For his new solo venture he has named the project PATRIK AHLM CONCORD and is presenting a bunch of songs with a lovely ’80s vibe. Just take as example ‘California Heatwave‘, a song which title speaks for itself and definitely will take you back to 1983-84 (watch the video below)

Indeed, ‘California Heatwave’ sound like a lost theme song for a 1984 beach comedy movie soundtrack, a real earworm. The melodic ‘Always Be In Love’ has some Time gallery resemblance with some Bad Habit on it as well, while the smooth midtempo AOR of ‘Carefree Days’ is embellished with sweet keyboards and that ’80s feel again.

‘Wanna Show You’ and the cool ‘Black Cats’ mix Scandi & American styles, on ‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ Patrik adds acoustic to the mix (reminds me of Michael Learns To Rock), and more intimate is the elegant ballad ‘Day & Night’ graced with great harmony vocals as on all the songs on offer.
Ahlm owns a sweet, warm, perfect pitch voice, and of course all songs are perfectly recorded, mixed & produced with a pristine sound quality.
Highly Recommended


01 – California Heatwave
02 – Always Be In Love
03 – Carefree Days
04 – Day & Night
05 – Wanna Show You
06 – Everything Happens For A Reason
07 – Black Cats
08 – Curveball


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