FURIES – Fortune’s Gate (2020)

FURIES - Fortune's Gate (2020) full

Formed in Paris in 2013, FURIES were originally an all girl band, but Zaza Bathory (drums) adjusted the line up in 2015, with female shouter Lynda Basstarde (vocals and bass) joining, and again in 2016 with the addition of left hand and right guitar pair Billy Lazer and Sam Flash. And after listening to their debut album ‘Fortune’s Gate’ you have to say the changes have worked a treat.
What we have here is a killer slice of punchy classic hard rock; think SKID ROW Slave To The Grind era meets JUDAS PRIEST melodic-heavy circa 1982. You’ll be surprised by the great guitar work – true twin guitar attack – and the mix, assembling layers of different tracked guitar to create a giant sound.

As debut albums go, this is a spectacular beast. With heavy riffing from the outset, on ‘You And I’, the vocals of Basstarde really suck you in with their clarity, pitch and sheer power. The guitars are intricate and skilled, with pin point accuracy, especially during the outro solos.
‘Antidote’ is a further standout track, allowing Lynda to spit out another excellent vocals performance. This track, like the others on the album, is superbly complex enough to make each a great journey. And that high pitch vocal ending is totally impressive.

Romping through tracks like title track ‘Fortune’s Gate’, ‘Voodoo Chains’ and ‘Unleash The Furies’ is a joy, with the latter being an exceptional melodic metallic gem.
The band released a demo in 2017, which saw live performances on Canal+ TV and a recorded session with the radio station France Inter.
With an album of this quality though, ‘Fortune’s Gate’ is sure to help propel the band up to the next level and to be able to catch them live would be a breathtaking experience.

We really missed quality female-fronted hard rock / metal, but FURIES is here to solve that.
‘Fortune’s Gate’ is a kick ass, killer rockin’ record from start to finish.
Highly Recommended


01 – You & I
02 – The Fortune’s Gate
03 – Voodoo Chains
04 – Antidote
05 – Delusions of Daylight
06 – Never Say Die
07 – Superstition
08 – Prince of the Middle East
09 – Fire In the Sky
10 – Unleash the Furies

Lynda Basstarde – Bass, Lead Vocals
Billy Lazer – Guitar
Sam Flash – Guitar
Zaza Bathory – Drums



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