REX SMITH – Rock And Roll Dream 1976-1983 [HNE 6xCD Box-Set remastered + bonus]

REX SMITH - Rock And Roll Dream 1976-1983 [HNE 6xCD Box-Set remastered + bonus] full

Requested by some of you, here’s the Hear No Evil / Cherry Red Records remastered box set packing all the album from REX SMITH, titled “Rock And Roll Dream 1976-1983“. A total of 60 tracks, including three “bonus” mono singles, available on CD for the first time.
Who is Rex Smith? Younger brother of STARZ vocalist Michael Lee Smith, and may be better known for his roles on stage and screen; playing motorcycle police officer Jesse Mach in the 1985 TV series “Street Hawk”, as well as guest appearances on “The Love Boat”, “Baywatch”, “Daredevil” and “Caroline In The City”.
But he had an interesting musical career before focusing on acting. Especially his last album “Camouflage” from 1983, with that AORish production sound from the era.

Initially, Sith formed the band REX, before going solo under his own name. Cutting his teeth in the clubs of Atlanta, initially fronting the band Phaedra and then Trix, he was soon discovered by David Krebs of Leber-Krebs, then managers of TED NUGENT and AEROSMITH.
That led to a deal with Columbia Records. In 1976, Columbia released the eponymously titled “Rex” (CD1 here), and despite the singer’s teen idol good looks, this is a debut that mixes muscular, hard rocking riffs with plenty of melodic rock.

On many tracks, particularly ‘Ten Seconds Of Love’, Rex predates 80s ‘hair-metal’, with a sound that would not have been out of place on Motley Crue or Van Halen early demos. ‘Dead End Kids’ is as heavy as the title would suggest.
REX continued in this hard rock vein with 1977’s “Where Do We Go from Here” (CD2 here), but with a bigger, more stadium orientated sound.

His fame and fortunes would take an upswing into the mainstream in 1979, when he was given a starring role in the TV movie “Sooner Or Later”, which led to the album of the same name, (CD3 here) featuring his first hit, ‘You Take My Breath Away’.
The orientation of the album is a quite radical change, in favor to melodic FM radio rock.

Moving further into a commercial path for “Forever” (CD4 here), also issued in 1979, the album showcases Rex Smith’s powerful vocal prowess, as well as creative song writing power.
If you like THE BABYS sound circa 1980, you need to check out htis one.

Releasing “Everlasting Love” (CD5 here) in 1981, Rex enjoyed a further bona fide hit with a duet on the title track, with Rachel Sweet.
“Everlasting Love” also features ‘Still Thinking of You’, co-written with a pre-fame Michael Bolton.
The LP mixes soft FM ballads with lively rock & pop tunes, really well produced.

Produced by Ron Nevison, famed for his work with LED ZEPPELIN, UFO, HEART and SURVIVOR, 1983’s “Camouflage” (CD6 here) saw a return to a more rockier style, yet in the classic 1982-83 vein; radio-ready melodic rock / AOR, with guest appearances from the J. Geils Band’s Peter Wolf, Linda Ronstadt and AEROSMITH’s Brad Whitford.
This album is our favorite.

The old saying; “Never judge a book but its cover”, applies with this guy. “Dreamy” film/pop star looks, but ballsy rock music and a voice that really socks it to you.
You have two Seventies-rock albums, one FM soft Rock, one radio friendly, and two AORish / melodic rock.
Well worth a re-visit or a first time listen.
Highly Recommended


DISC ONE: REX (1976)
01 – Trouble
02 – Ten Seconds Of Love
03 – Feeling Better
04 – Stay With Me
05 – Call Her “Easy”
06 – Dead End Kids
07 – I Can’t Explain
08 – Rock And Roll Dream
09 – Violent Playground

01 – Where Do We Go from Here?
02 – Do Me
03 – Burn Your Bridges
04 – 7 Come 11
05 – You’re Never Too Old to Rock & Roll
06 – Chains On My Heart
07 – You Don’t Want Love
08 – Stealin’ the Night Away
09 – Running Wild
10 – You’re Never Too Old to Rock & Roll (Mono Version)

01 – You Take My Breath Away
02 – Sooner or Later
03 – Simply Jessie
04 – Better Than It’s Ever Been
05 – Love Street
06 – Never Gonna Give You Up
07 – Sway
08 – Oh What a Night for Romance
09 – Ain’t That Peculiar
10 – If You Think You Know How to Love Me
11 – Simply Jessie (Mono Version) [Bonus]
12 – You Take My Breath Away (Mono Version) [Bonus]

01 – Forever
02 – Tonight
03 – Everytime I See You
04 – Without You
05 – To You, To You! (Say Goodbye To You)
06 – Saturday Night
07 – Let’s Make A Memory
08 – I Don’t Want Your Love (Out Of My Life)
09 – Superhero
10 – All Or Nothing

01 – Love Will Always Make You Cry
02 – Still Thinking of You
03 – Everlasting Love
04 – Rock Me Slowly
05 – What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
06 – Remember the Love Songs
07 – Don’t Go Believin’
08 – Oh Girl

01 – Camouflage
02 – New Romeo
03 – In the Heat of the Night
04 – Don’t Talk
05 – Get It Right
06 – Love With A Perfect Stranger
07 – Real Love
08 – Tears
09 – Two Hearts
10 – Roll Me



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    Awesome! Truly Awesome! I didn’t even know that this box existed. Much more than I asked for, but you guys at 0dayrox never ceases to amaze me. BIG thank you!

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