URGENT (Canada) – Timing [Ltd Edition Remastered Numbered Gold Disc]

URGENT (Canada) - Timing [Ltd Edition Remastered Numbered Gold Disc] full

As requested, here’s another little gem from the legendary Long Island Classics series / collector’s edition: Canadian’s URGENT album “Timing”, pressed on Gold CD, individually numbered to 2,000, and remastered with a crystal clear, awesome sonic result.

Not to be confused with others bands from the ’80s, this Urgent hails from Canada and this “Timing” from 1984 is their one and only release, unfortunately. The band mix here the classy American AOR sound from the first half of the Eighties with that unmistakable Canadian touch, clean and polished.
Singer Doug Baynham is powerful and subtle at the same time providing the proper climax to each song, the rest of the guys are precise, tight, and the production sound is million bucks.

You can’t resist to the infectious melodies of songs like ‘Killer Love’ (killer indeed), ‘You’re Not the One’ or the more rocking ‘Too Hot To Handle’.
For mid-80s AOR in its purest form, second track ‘Deagan (Love You Leave You)’ is a must, embellished with sweet synths and fantastic harmony vocals. If Journey had been a Canadian band, they would have written this song in 1983.

“Timing” is a true pleasure from start to finish, only nine songs but no filler, all winners.
This excellent gold disc individually numbered to 2,000, gold-stamped jewel case, complete booklet and including a poster is the one to get, at least, as used copy.
Excellent ’84 Canadian stuff.


1 – Killer Love
2 – Deagan (Love You Leave You)
3 – You’re Not the One
4 – Cat on the Prowl
5 – Midnight Lover
6 – Keeper of My Heart
7 – Bad News
8 – I’ll Find a Way
9 – Too Hot to Handle

Doug Baynham – bass, lead vocals
Wayne Siberry – guitars, vocals
Glen Johansen – keyboards, synths
Kim Hunt – drums, percussion


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Doug Baynham just passed away October 3, 2020. Complications from Chemotherapy treatment.

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