SINNER’S BLOOD – Mirror Star [Japan Edition +1] (2020)

SINNER'S BLOOD - Mirror Star [Japan Edition +1] (2020) full

Just released a couple hours ago in Japan including a bonus track, “Mirror Star” is the international debut album from SINNER’S BLOOD, the new melodic ‘powerful’ metal act signed by Frontiers Music.
Featuring a soon-to-be household name in James Robledo on lead vocals and producer and multi-instrumentalist Nasson crafting the songs and playing guitar, “The Mirror Star” is a pretty killer debut CD plenty of adrenaline and catchiness.

James Robledo is a Chilean vocalist who has previously performed with acts that include Renegade (Chile) and Thabu (Argentina). Always putting in powerful and emotional performances rooted in the vein of classic metal singers such as Ronnie James Dio, Jorn Lande and Russell Allen, he now joins Sinner’s Blood in a group where the full potential of his voice is realised.

But Nasson brought to Sinner’s Blood a modern twist on traditional melodic metal. Modern in the sense that some may find the riffage more assertive and sharp, the bottom end more thick and heavy.
Clearly, in every song, two things are at the forefront. One, is simply Nasson’s compositions wherein, having written every song, his guitar and keyboard arrangements loom large and guitar solos rise mighty. Whether he wrote the songs for himself or specifically for Robledo, the vocalist is definitely getting the push on this album.
Robledo has a powerful, assertive vocal style which is tempered by his ability to support the harmony and melody of a song. Sometimes he reminds me of Ronnie Romero or perhaps Jorn Lande.

Among the heavier, driving rockin’ songs there’s ‘The Mirror’, ‘The Hunting’, or ‘Phoenix Rise’. Don’t’ be tricked by songs that have mellow starts, whether by synths or light guitar, as numbers such as ‘Never Again’, ‘Kill Or Die’, or ‘Who I Am’ eventually rise to be heavy and speedy.
Alternatively, while somewhat intense, ‘Remember Me’ has an AOR feeling thanks to the strong rock groove and catchy refrain.
A metal ballad arrives with ‘Forever’, built upon Robledo’s voice over piano and symphonic synths.

Sinner’s Blood’s ”The Mirror Star” is a really fine debut for the band delivering classic melodic metal in its spirit, served with a modern, sharp production. Powered by strong songwriting and ambitious vocals from James Robledo, production is polished, yet pretty bombastic.
Highly Recommended


01. The Mirror
02. Phoenix Rise
03. Never Again
04. Remember Me
05. The Path Of Fear
06. Forever
07. Kill Or Die
08. Never Resting Soul
09. Who I Am
10. The Hunting
11. Awakening
12. Remember Me (Different Version)

James Robledo – Vocals
Nasson – Guitar, vocals, keyboards
Nicolas Fischer – Bass, vocals
Guillermo Pereira – Drums



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