THE B’ZZ – Get Up [Bad Reputation remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE*

THE B'ZZ - Get Up [Bad Reputation remastered 2020] *EXCLUSIVE* full

Remastered and just released by Bad Reputation Records, “Get Up” is the only LP from Chicago rockers THE B’ZZ. Signed by major label Epic and with skilled knob-twiddler Tom Werman (Cheap Trick, Motley Crue) producing, this 1982 record combines dirsty sleazy biker boogie with a skinny-tie pop polished sound, some kind of a mix between Bad Company, early Foreigner, Cheap Trick and AC/DC. Kind of gritty pop / melodick rock from the first half of the ’80s.
Opener ‘Get Up, Get Angry’ is an absolute winner, a very original stadium-ready anthem which starts off dark and broody then just kicks into full motion as it goes along.

The B’zz were essentially an offshoot of The Boyzz. Upon the band’s dissolution in the late 70’s, three of its members formed The B’zz in hopes of capitalizing on the successful formulas of bands like Foreigner, Survivor and others.
Within a few months of forming, the band had already amassed an impressive repertoire of music, booked successful tours in the Midwest and landed a spot on American Bandstand. They retain the distinction of being the only unsigned band to appear on the show.
Epic Records took notice and promptly signed them, enlisting Tom Werman to produce their debut. In 1982, “Get Up” was sprung upon the unsuspecting masses.

The band’s lone offering showcased the group steering in a more commercial and melodic direction, but still putting together well-crafted songs. The true highlight of the album is the leadoff track, “Get Up Get Angry” which slowly builds itself up to a fully-furious, angry climax all the way to the end.
Another highlight is “Too Much To Ask For”; pure melodic hard rock gold with some tasty guitar work throughout. Other cuts worth mentioning: the revved-up “When You Love”, the single-ready “Make It Through the Night”, “I Love the Way” (with a slightly Boston-esque guitar solo), and the rollicking closer “Runaway Love Affair.”

This late 1982 / early 1983 hard rock release bubbled under for one week on the Billboard charts, and probably would’ve taken off had there not been some problems with weak LP pressings.
Though two singles charted respectably – “Too Much To Ask For” is a cracking rocker – the band were unable to reach a wide enough audience to support global touring and within a year, The B’zz were no more. Members went on to other acts like W.A.S.P., L.A. Guns and Raw Dogs.

When compared to the raucous material of The Boyzz, “Get Up” is quite an evolution. One can only assume that the raw vocals of Boyzz frontman, Dan Buck, can be credited for the distinction between the two bands.
The B’zz were considerably slicker and the material is easily more rock&pop / melodic rock driven than their bluesy predecessor.

this album never seen a proper reissue considering the band’s bloodline and the quality of material here, until Bad Reputation finally did it.
Check out this smoking album and marvel at the impressive chops The B’zz were able to muster up in the studio.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Get Up Get Angry
02 – Too Much To Ask For
03 – Caught In The Middle
04 – Steal My Love
05 – When You Love
06 – Make It Through The Night
07 – I love The Way
08 – Take Your Time
09 – Not My Girl
10 – Runaway Love Affair

Tom Holland (Steppenwolf) – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Michael Tafoya – Guitar, Vocals
Anatole Halinkovitch – Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
David Angel – Bass, Vocals
Stephan Riley (L.A. Guns, W.A.S.P.) – Drums
Tom Kelly (i-Ten) – Backing Vocals
Richard Page (Mr. Mister) – Backing Vocals
Max Gronenthal – Backing Vocals
Lee Thornburg – Backing Vocals
Produced by Tom Werman



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