SACRED WARRIOR – Master’s Command (Digitally Remastered / Out Of Print) *EXCLUSIVE*

SACRED WARRIOR - Master's Command (Digitally Remastered) Out Of Print full

And here’s the requested, remaining SACRED WARRIOR album “Master’s Command“, in its digitally remastered release from three years ago and now already out of print.
”Master’s Command” was the band’s second release from 1989, the follow up to the brilliant debut ‘Rebellion’. SACRED WARRIOR opted for a more commercial quality to the songs, largely because of the heavier inclusion of keyboards into the overall mix. However, the punch isn’t lost neither the CRIMSON GLORY and QUEENSRYCHE style of the music.

Listening to “Master’s Command” today, these songs have stood the test of time greatly, and the riffs and intensity of songs like “Bound in Chains,” “Evil Lurks,” “Uncontrolled” and “The Flood” still sound very intricate and powerful.
The band took some chances this time around – the full instrumental “Onward Warriors,” the metal praise-infused “Holy, Holy, Holy”, or the quite heavy aggressive apex on “The Flood” as Parra trades off with Vengeance Rising vocalist Roger Martinez. As expected, the song pushes the intrusive boundaries, as Martinez leads the way with his caustic delivery, only occasionally giving way to wailing sirens as Parra lends a contrasting feel with his fitting angelic style. Larry Farkas (also Vengeance Rising) provides the combative lead guitar.

All that paid off providing variation, as it does the metal ballad “Unfailing Love”, a great tune and an album highlight.
This remastered edition of ”Master’s Command” is really welcome, as the album had not previously been given proper full reissue treatment on CD (the budget 2-in-1 KMG version didn’t add anything compared to the original release). The reissue features revised artwork that holds true to the original classic album cover courtesy of Scott Waters.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Master’s Command
02 – Beyond The Mountain
03 – Evil Lurks
04 – Bound In Chains
05 – Unfailing Love
06 – Paradise
07 – Uncontrolled
08 – Many Will Come
09 – Onward Warriors
10 – The Flood
11 – Holy, Holy, Holy

Rey Parra (Vocals)
Bruce Swift (Guitar)
Steve Watkins (Bass)
Tony Velazquez (Drums)
Rick Macias (Keyboards)
Additional Musicians:
Roger Martinez (Vocals)
Larry Farkas (Guitar)


Out Of Print

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