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JOE LYNN TURNER - Rescue You [Rock Candy Remastered] (2021) lossless full

As requested, here’s in exclusive the recent Rock Candy Records remastered reissue of JOE LYNN TURNER‘s ’80s AOR solo album “Rescue You“. The sound obtained is huge, a proof the original recording / engineering / mastering is excellent.
In between stints with Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Deep Purple and Yngwie Malmsteen, this sought-after singe put out this charting solo album in 1985.
Produced by renowned Roy Thomas Baker (Queen) and with a top notch back up band – Bobby Messano (Fiona) on Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals, Alan Greenwood (Foreigner, Spys) on Keys, and Chuck Burgi (Rainbow) on Drums, JLT delivers a fantastic album which feeling and atmosphere is impossible to re-create nowadays.

After his stint with Rainbow, Joe Lynn Turner embarked upon a solo career. With band mate drummer Chuck Burgi on hand, Joe debuted his solo self with ”Rescue You” in 1985 on Elektra. All songs were written by Joe and Greenwood, with a little help of external arrangers.
According to 1985 and Greenwood involved, the direction was heavy on keyboards.
That voice cannot be mistaken. Nobody can sing soul-driven broken hearted AOR like Joe Lynn Turner.

Opening track “Losing You” fits this description like a glove. Joe has always been a fine writer and at the time perhaps Journey should have knocked on Joe’s door for some help. The second song, “Young Hearts” is pure radio-ready rock like Steve Perry did on ‘Street Talk’ in 1984.

JOE LYNN TURNER - Rescue You [Rock Candy Remastered] 0dayrox booklet

“Endlessly” was the single/video, a keyboard driven AOR ballad, and for sure, a classic tune for the genre. Next title track “Rescue You” is once again very keyboard heavy, but rocks harder than anything else on the album. It has a European flavor, sounding a bit like some of the material Glenn Hughes was doing in the 1980s.
Back to the Americas, “Feel The Fire” is that kind of pumping AOR belonging to action movie soundtracks from the era.

“Get Tough” some Burgi’s excellent drumming while the bassline sounds like ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ but before that song was ever conceived. One gets the feeling that many of these songs could have been hits if only recorded by someone more famous or with better promotion on MTV.
“Eyes of Love” is a moody mid-tempo melodic AOR tune, and Joe sounds awesome on it. “On the Run” is a bit more upbeat, boasting a strong chorus that’s as good as anything on Slippery When Wet.

Moving into Purple territory, “Soul Searcher” could have fit in well on their Slaves And Masters LP. One almost aches to hear what Blackmore and Lord would have added to it. However, I really like the ’80s sound from the production side. Going into the closer, “The Race is On” is a really keyboard-racing tune fueled by a catchy melody and Joe’s unique voice.

“Rescue You” not only is a great solo debut by Joe Lynn Turner, but also a mid-Eighties AOR little gem.
A must have for fans of the genre and Joe’s range & delivery.

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01 – Losing You
02 – Young Hearts
03 – Prelude/Endlessly
04 – Rescue You
05 – Feel The Fire
06 – Get Tough
07 – Eyes Of Love
08 – On The Run
09 – Soul Searcher
10 – The Race Is On

Lead & Backing Vocals – Joe Lynn Turner
Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals – Bobby Messano
Keyboards, Synths, Programming – Alan Greenwood
Drums – Chuck Burgi



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