THIN LIZZY – Renegade +5 [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP remastered] Out Of Print

THIN LIZZY - Renegade +5 [Japan SHM-CD mini-LP remastered] exclusive full

After the recent – and excellent – THIN LIZZY box set, many of you asked for the band’s albums in its best sound quality CD press. This team, being a big Lizzy fan, will select what we consider the best of them.
In the case of ‘Renegade’, the Deluxe Edition wins, simply because it adds worthy material as bonus; rare singles, versions, and a B-side, all recorded at the same sessions. This Japaneses edition on SHM-CD is out of print now.
A criminally underrated album into THIN LIZZY discography, “Renegade” it’s a very good record. Naysayers compare this with the band’s previous albums, and man, it’s hard to top those in terms of quality.
“Renegade” has a charm of its own, with tracks like “Hollywood” or “Mexican Blood” endearing themselves to you rather than crashing onto the scene like classic tunes of old.

A lot of people simply could not handle Phil Lynott deciding to make ”Renegade” something more than just another Thin Lizzy LP. After the band’s turmoil and problems with drugs, at the beginning of the ’80s it was a great thing to spin on the turntable of the band’s sound.
‘Angel of Death’, one of the best hard rock tracks of the year, ‘Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)’ is a classic Lizzy rocker and should have received way more airplay than it did.

Tracks like ‘No One Told’ him hearkened back to the early days of the band, and there’s a classic Lizzy riff containing some killer twin leads on ‘Pressure Will Blow’, where once again shows Phil has not forgotten the working man.
Phil Lynott was always a writer who followed his own muse rather than what the critics felt he should be doing. The beautiful ‘Fats’ is jazzy tune, yes, jazz-rock on a Lizzy LP.

“Mexican Blood” meets the definition of a deep album cut. It’s heavy on synths, I like the nylon-string guitars, solid drumming, and a great story from Lynott. One of my favorite tracks on the album, a very underrated song by the band.

It’s shame that in the early ’80s THIN LIZZY works were destroyed by music critics and ignored by some fans of old: the fact is Phil Lynott never did a similar album he always tried something different, and this is another strong album from the band.
Highly Recommended



01 – Angel Of Death
02 – Renegade
03 – The Pressure Will Blow
04 – Leave This Town
05 – Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
06 – No One Told Him
07 – Fats
08 – Mexican Blood
09 – It’s Getting Dangerous
10 – Trouble Boys (single)
11 – Memory Pain (single b-side)
12 – Hollywood (Down On Your Luck) (extended version)
13 – Renegade (edit version)
14 – Hollywood (7′ A promo)

Phil Lynott – bass guitar, vocals
Scott Gorham – guitars, backing vocals
Snowy White – guitars, backing vocals
Darren Wharton – keyboards, organ, Minimoog, backing vocals
Brian Downey – drums, percussion


Out Of Print

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