WILDNESS – Ultimate Demise (2020)

WILDNESS - Ultimate Demise (2020) full

Take a look at the album cover of the upcoming WILDNESS new album ”Ultimate Demise”… kinda ’80s, isn’t it?. And yes, the music delivered by these Scandinavians is absolutely Eighties Melodic Hard Rock / AOR inspired ranging from soaring melodies to catchy choruses.
In 2019 singer Gabriel Lindmark left WILDNESS but the band soon find Erik Forsberg (ex-Blazon Stone) as their new frontman in the spring of 2020. And the guy has the pipes…
”Ultimate Demise” is impeccably arranged and performed with that atmosphere to satisfy any melodic rock fan. It combines the best of the Scandinavian melodic rock scene from the modern era with the past.
Out on AOR Heaven Records tomorrow, and a HIGHLY Recommended purchase.


01 – Call of the Wild
02 – Die Young
03 – Nowhere Land
04 – Cold Words
05 – Renegades of Love
06 – Falling Into Pieces
07 – Burning It Down
08 – My Hideaway
09 – Denial
10 – Borderline
11 – The Ultimate Demise

Erik Forsberg – Vocals
Adam Holmstrom – Guitars, vocals
Pontus Skold – Guitars, vocals
Marcus Sjosund – Bass, vocals
Erik Modin – Drums, vocals



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2 Responses

  1. wladimir says:

    This album is really a masterpice. A must have for sure….!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The album cover is kinda 80s?? It’s a direct ripoff of the movie The Wraith (1986) with a girl thrown in. If i made the artwork for the movie, there would be a lawsuit

    Whining aside, I haven’t checked out the music but I am sure it will be killer judging by the fact it was made by Scandinavians

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