BLACKMORE’s NIGHT – Beyond The Sunset (The Romantic Collection) [2020 reissue]

BLACKMORE's NIGHT - Beyond The Sunset (The Romantic Collection) [2020 reissue] full

earMUSIC, the global independent Rock music label of Edel Germany GmbH just announced the Worldwide signing of BLACKMORE’s NIGHT. To celebrate the signing, it’s been announced that Blackmore’s Night’s eleventh studio album ‘Nature’s Light’ will be released in Spring 2021 – followed by the band’s entire catalogue later in 2021.
They just started yesterday with the reissue of “Beyond The Sunset (The Romantic Collection)“, originally appeared in 2004. This compilation was derived from their four studio albums released at that point except for one previously unreleased track; “Once In A Million Years”, and also contains two re-recorded tracks: “Ghost of a Rose” and “Now and Then”.
This is our favorite BLACKMORE’s NIGHT album.

The subtitle says it all. ”Beyond The Sunset” gathers up a dozen of the loveliest love songs from the first four Blackmore’s Night albums, plus two previously unreleased cuts, “Once in a Million Years” and an alternate version of the favorite “Ghost of a Rose.”
That means there’s no room for some of the rockier or more rambunctious songs in the band’s catalog. But “Be Mine Tonight,” “Wish You Were Here,” and the title track are all solid classics, while their version of Joan Baez’s “Diamonds and Rust” is sufficiently impassioned to make you forget it has ever been sung before; famously, Baez composed the song around her relationship with the young Bob Dylan, and many of the song’s lyrics reflect their preoccupations. Here, you hear them anew and without any of their intended baggage, and it’s a truly uplifting experience.

In terms of mood, ”Beyond The Sunset” might suffer from a surfeit of singularity, especially if you are accustomed to the full range of Blackmore’s Night’s emotional punch.
But it’s a superb introduction and, sometimes, a single mood is all you require.
Highly Recommended


01 – Once in a Million Years
02 – Be Mine Tonight
03 – Wish You Were Here
04 – Waiting Just for You
05 – Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus
06 – Ghost of a Rose (New Version)
07 – Spirit Of The Sea
08 – I Still Remember
09 – Castles And Dreams
10 – Beyond the Sunset
11 – Again Someday
12 – Diamonds and Rust
13 – Now and Then (New Version)
14 – All Because of You



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