BRITNY FOX – In America [first recording / cassette only 1986] *Exclusive*

BRITNY FOX - In America [first recording / cassette only 1986] full

After several posts regarding rockers BRITNY FOX, some of you asked for another rarity; their first ever recording titled “In America“. Including songs later re-worked for their major label debut LP – one song is exclusive to this release though – this 1986 recording was released by themselves in limited quantities only.
In fact, ”In America” appeared on Wolfe Records, a small label founded by Britny Fox’s manager Brian Kushner, and Bill Haigh (owner of the Hollywood Galaxy Club) to promote bands.
The album only was released on Cassette – the vinyl LP floating around is a bootleg – and this is the actual cover artwork.

Armed with this very well recorded demo Kushner started to distribute the tape all over the labels, while the band played at every available venue in California. At the time drummer Johnny Dee wasn’t part of the band – the man behind the kit was the late Tony “Stix” Destra.
Here Britny Fox sounds much more raw n’ heavy than the band we would later know signed by Columbia Records and their popular single ‘Girlschool’.
Ripped and cleaned by the 0dayrox team for your listening (and collector’s) pleasure (thanks DR!)
A collector’s piece.

Only at 0dayrox


01 – Girlschool [1986 version]
02 – In America [1986 version]
03 – Kick ‘n’ Fight [1986 version]
04 – Don’t Hide [1986 version]
05 – Long Way To Love [1986 version]
06 – Rock Revolution [1986 version]
07 – Stand Tall

“Dizzy” Dean Davidson – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Michael Kelly Smith – guitars, backing vocals
Billy Childs – bass, backing vocals
Tony “Stix” Destra – drums, backing vocals


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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The LP version of this is actually not a bootleg. Both the Cassette and LP were released at the same time.

    • 0dayrox says:

      Following an earlier discussion on this subject, where Walter Rossi claimed that Britny Fox’s ‘In America’ was officially released on vinyl in a limited pressing of 250, here’s the facts from the band’s manager, Brian Kushner, on the subject:

      “There was NO vinyl version of ‘In America’. Wolfe Records was a label myself and Bill Haigh (owner of the Galaxy Club) started. Our first release was Tangier, when I was managing them, that was vinyl only. ‘In America’ was released on CASSETTE only. I even took the cover photo. So the
      answer is NO, no vinyl of that was ever released by us.
      The vinyl version that exists is a bootleg from Italy.”

      Kerrang magazine

  2. 0dayrox says:

    Here’s track 5 “Long Way To Love” fixed:


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