HALO – Life Goes On [Previously Unreleased 1982 recording] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

HALO - Life Goes On [Previously Unreleased 1982 recording] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

With the recent reissue / remasters of HALO albums, they found tape buried deep in the vaults. It’s a bunch of songs the band recorded in 1982, now 2020 for the first time ever coming to life under the title “Life Goes On“.
At the time, HALO were a hard rock oriented band. The entire album is filled with Van Halen-like guitar riffs. Seriously…. every song is a guitar filled rocker and most of it actually sounds like Eddie Van Halen in the background, especially if you ever listen to Van Halen’s debut (1978) with Eruption and Runnin’ With the Devil.
You get to hear early incarnations of 2 songs re-arranged for HALO’s first 1990 album, however there’s also 9 songs never before released and thought to have been missing forever.
This is HALO 1982. Even after a conversation with John Elefante, he expressed that he never even knew that this recording existed but just knew the band had been touring around and playing non-stop for almost an entire decade before he signed them to the label.

Overall, the sound quality is good. The songs are pretty professionally recorded but time has done its work with the tape integrity. At places there’s minor flaws but you can hear all songs perfectly.
Its a very cool set of songs, a showcase of how effervescent was the American Rock scene between 1980-82, and why it finally exploded in years to come.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Time to Run
02 – The Welder
03 – I Love Jesus
04 – The King is Alive
05 – Life Goes On
06 – Get Saved
07 – Jesus Music
08 – The Witness
09 – Miracles
10 – The Cross
11 – Jesus Cares

Scott Springer – vocals
Keith Mims – guitar
Mike Graham – drums



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