IRON MASK – Master of Masters (2020)

IRON MASK - Master of Masters (2020) full

Founded almost 20 years ago IRON MASK, named after the mysterious prisoner from Alexandre Dumas’ novel “The Man in the Iron Mask”, have matured into a sovereign band and a big-shot in the international metal scene. The new album “Master Of Masters” introduces Mike Slembrouck on vocals, who is a perfect fit for the band, shining on all 12 tracks.
As the trend in recent years, power metal bands turned much more accessible, melodic (a good thing if you ask me) and IRON MASK isn’t the exception. Tracks like ‘Revolution Rise’ are straight melodic hard rock, without losing the band’s ADN inspired by the likes of DIO, MALMSTEEN, etc.


01. Never Kiss the Ring
02. Tree of the World
03. Revolution Rise
04. One Against All
05. Nothing Lasts Forever
06. Dance with the Beast
07. Wild and Lethal
08. Mist of Loch Ness
09. My One and Only
10. A Mother Loved Blue
11. Sagittarius A
12. Master of Masters

Mike Slembrouck – Vocals
Vassili Moltchanov – Bass
Dushan Petrossi – Guitars
Ramy Ali – Drums
Oliver Hartmann – Guest Vocals


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