KIM MITCHELL – The Big Fantasize (2020)

KIM MITCHELL - The Big Fantasize (2020) full

Multi-platinum, Juno Award winning Rock icon and Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame inductee KIM MITCHELL is releasing today his highly anticipated new album, “The Big Fantasize” (El Mocambo Records), the first full-length recording since 2007.
Where its predecessor was a fiery and fierce rock album anchored by big riffs and bigger swagger, ”The Big Fantasize” is a more dynamic and musically expansive effort that perfectly encapsulates Mitchell’s prowess as a pure and compelling songwriter.
Ranging from the melodic rock perfection of ‘Best I Never Had’ (love this song) to calmer, elaborated, timeless midtempo rock&pop ballads, ”The Big Fantasize” is one of Mitchell’s most complete album to date.

”The Big Fantasize” is Mitchell’s 13th studio album, including five as the leader of Max Webster, but showcases something we haven’t seen before from the Canadian. It’s introspective and mellow.
In his own words; ““I’m in my mid-60s, and, you know, I’m not saying I’ll never write, ”I’m A Wild Party” again. But you know, I’m a little more reflective,” he says.

Not only the lyrics are more adult, but also the music. While still rocking, ”The Big Fantasize” is really melodic and relaxed. It even opens with the slow / semi-ballad ‘Red Horizon’.
A very good new album from this talented musician.
Highly Recommended


01 – Red Horizon
02 – 2Up2Bdown
03 – Summer Lovers Autumn Wine
04 – Wishes
05 – My Georgian Bay
06 – Best I Never Had
07 – Montgomery
08 – The Old Marriage Waltz
09 – Time to Stay



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Big Kim Mitchell and Max Webster fan. I have all the Kim related stuff. His last solo album was absolutely terrible. Having said that, I will be buying this. Thanks for the preview!

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