LILIAC – Queen Of Hearts (2020)

LILIAC - Queen Of Hearts (2020) full

Some people are absolutely born to be stars and LILIAC are already making huge ripples in all corners of the globe. Initially coming to the attention of the music buying public through their jaw dropping cover versions, the band are gaining legions of new fans each day with the strength of their original material.
LILIAC is formed by five siblings consisting of three brothers and two sisters, which ages range from 21 to 12 (!), but they are consummate players and very professional. And the best part of it is that LILIAC play classic hard rock / traditional metal with an ’80s feeling.

LILIAC is a female-fronted band and it’s a pleasure to hear such young people playing classic hard rock. They first started off performing every weekend on the Santa Monica pier for years. It gave them what needed to grow as a band, giving the 5-piece confidence and exposure.

This is a true ‘family band’. The sister’s dad, who the music producer and manager, started recording the band professionally in the studio playing cover songs of major rock legends such as Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Dio, Iron Maiden, etc..
Their music videos of these songs on Youtube received millions of views.

It was LILIAC cover Dio’s classic “Rainbow In The Dark” which went viral and gained hundreds of thousands of fans. That led them to their first tour around the U.S. and Canada of 40 dates opening for bands like Loverboy, Queensrÿche, Tom Keifer, Foghat, and played three shows on the KISS Kruise.
LILIAC also had a huge opportunity being on a TV Show on CBS called “The World’s Best” which was aired nationwide. The band was named the “First Family of Rock” from CBS for performing on the “World’s Best” stage. After the show, they released the first original songs EP with great success.

“Queen of Hearts” is LILIAC’s second full length album of all original songs, and rocks.
Just check the video for the song “We Are the Children”:

Suitably dramatic and huge sounding, the track stamps their authority and presence as it sweeps across the landscape, echoes of Dio in its heft and a delightfully rough edged vocal from the distinctive tones of Melody Cristea.

The fact that they are so accomplished at such a tender age is astounding and it’s a given that if they continue to follow this trajectory that they could very well be headlining festivals within the next ten years.
Some (deaf) people say that rock n’ roll is dead but LILIAC prove that nothing could be further from the truth. The future is truly theirs.
Highly Recommended


01 – Nothing
02 – Crazy Nights
03 – Redo
04 – Let Me Go
05 – Dear Father
06 – Sail Away
07 – World Comes Down
08 – Wild One
09 – We Are the Children
10 – Vertigo
11 – Queen of Hearts
12 – We Fight We Fall
13 – Mystery

Melody Cristea – Vocals
Samuel Cristea – Guitars
Ethan Cristea – Bass
Abigail Cristea – Drums
Justin Cristea – Keyboards



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