THIN LIZZY – Black Rose [2-CD Rock Candy remastered & production]

THIN LIZZY - Black Rose [2-CD Rock Candy remastered & production] full

With the new – and excellent – THIN LIZZY box set presented here, many of you asked for the band’s albums in its best sound quality CD press. 0dayrox team, being a big Lizzy fan, will select what we consider the best of them.
Now it’s time for the Irish hard rock legends most iconic album, the awesome “Black Rose“. There’s a SACD version that we never heard – and should sound awesome – however it’s the regular album version. We think this 2-CD release is the one to get, as includes a bonus disc of worthwhile material.
Additionally, the production / technical of this double disc reissue was handled by the Rock Candy Records team. It has been remastered by resident Andy Pearce and if you look the booklet artwork it’s done in the same Rock Candy fashion.

To this day, “Black Rose: A Rock Legend” remains as one of the most influential albums of the genre, a true classic. It was the first time that icon guitarist Gary Moore remained in Thin Lizzy long enough to record an album after previous stints in 1974 and 1977 with the band.
The musical results were spectacular. Moore had always been a hot player, but he was fresh off a stint with Colosseum II, a progressive rock band known for a very technique-demanding brand of music.
The experience pushed Moore’s playing to a much higher level, and he was really coming into his own at the time he rejoined Lizzy. Black Rose would reap the benefits.

But this disc is about more than just great playing. It’s about great songs. Despite an often volatile personal relationship, Lynott / Moore musical collaborations always had a magic about them each man was hard-pressed to capture individually. This was something both men admitted freely.

”Black Rose” was their collaborative peak. In fact, as brilliant a player as Moore was becoming and later became, he probably never played on any better set of songs than these.
This album is filled with Lynott’s typically vast array of unusual themes and brilliant lyrics that are far deeper than your typical rock-and-roll fare.

Here you find songs about self determination, tough street life, kinky sexual fetishes, compulsive gambling, Phil’s baby daughter, drug and alcohol addiction, relationships breaking up, and Lynott’s would-be alter ego, the mythical Irish hero, Cuchulain.
Perhaps more importantly, the album totally rocks!

Disc 1 features the remastered original Black Rose LP, and it sounds fantastic. Crisp and dynamic, you can hear a lot of the subtleties that were more or less buried in the original mix. Superb remaster.

THIN LIZZY - Black Rose [2-CD Rock Candy remastered & production] back

The original album is excellent but it is the bonus CD which makes this special as well. Disc 2 has an abundance of great material, including a previously unreleased track entitled “Rock Your Love” (which has been out on the net for quite some time as ‘Rockula’) but this one is vastly superior as it’s cleaned up significantly.

Also added is the rare b-side “Just The Two Of Us”, and really interesting sessions in Nassau including an unreleased track entitled “Cold Black Night” plus more, and a different version of “Toughest Street In Town”. It features different lyrics and an overall different sound.
A must have classic in all its Glory


Disc 1: “Black Rose” remastered
01 – Do Anything You Want To
02 – Toughest Street In Town
03 – S & M
04 – Waiting For An Alibi
05 – Sarah (version 3)
06 – Got To Give It Up
07 – Get Out Of Here
08 – With Love
09 – Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend

Disc 2: The Bonus
01 – Just The Two Of Us (B-Side)
02 – A Night In The Life Of A Blues Singer (longer version)
03 – Rock Your Love (prev. unreleased)
04 – Don’t Believe A Word (slow version Lynott & Moore on vocals)
05 – Toughest Street In Town (different version)
06 – S & M (Nassau Session Version)
07 – Got To Give It Up (Nassau Session Version)
08 – Cold Black Night (Nassau Session Version)
09 – With Love (Nassau Session Version)
10 – Black Rose (Nassau Session Version)

Phil Lynott – bass guitar, lead vocals, twelve-string guitar
Scott Gorham – lead guitar, backing vocals
Gary Moore – lead guitar, backing vocals
Brian Downey – drums, percussion
Huey Lewis – harmonica on “Sarah” and “With Love”
Jimmy Bain – bass guitar on “With Love”



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