SYRE – It Ain’t Pretty Being Easy [Digitally remastered]

SYRE - It Ain't Pretty Being Easy [remastered] (2016) full

Another Canadian hard rock-related band which is getting a deserved remastering is SYRE, with the reissue of their excellent 1989’s debut titled “It Ain’t Pretty Being Easy“. Despite of being released by major label A&M in their native Canada, the band never become widely known, but judging their quality material they should be heard by all fan of the Melodic Hard Rock genre.

Active during the second half of the ’80s / early ’90s, Syre toured relentlessly playing over 250 shows a year on a consistent basis and the fans reveled in every minute of it.
Syre always made it a point to involve the fans in every live show they played. Often wading through the crowd during performances and more often than not inviting the entire audience to the nightly after show festivities for a night cap.

“It Ain’t Pretty Being Easy” is all about fun, party rock with a melodic hard rock feel.
They rock with catchiness since the opening riffs of “Flaunt It”, the band get the party going with “Summertime” (title says all), or “Say Hi To My Girlfriend” and “Never Said Goodbye” – both moderated singles in Canada & Europe.
There is no wonder why they still hold club attendance records across Canada.

But the band are more than just a party act and tracks like “You Never Looked Back”, “Never Said Goodbye” and “In Your Eyes” proved that Syre could cut a deadly AOR tune when they wanted to.
Particularly “In Your Eyes” is one of the hidden gems from the era, and that song is worth getting the disc in itself.

SYRE - It Ain't Pretty Being Easy [remastered] (2016) back

The stories of Syre and their debauchery back stage shall live on forever, and now with the official reissue of this really good late ’80s melodic hard rock piece, the music gets a digitally remastered release with a superb sound.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Flaunt It
02 – Say Hi to My Girlfriend
03 – (Can’t Believe) I’m With You
04 – You Never Looked Back
05 – Summertime
06 – Friday’s Smile
07 – The Way You’re Looking Tonight
08 – Never Said Goodbye
09 – In Your Eyes
10 – Ain’t Seen Nothin’

Doug Weir – lead vocals
Rick Mead – guitars, vocals
Chip Gall – guitars, vocals, keyboards
Chris Caron – bass, vocals
Jamie Constant – drums



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  1. Ray says:

    Saw them live around the time of their debut, which I have on vinyl. Looking forward to hearing this again and the 2nd lp. Thanks!

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