ALPHA SOULS – Carousel Of Emotions (2020)

ALPHA SOULS - Carousel Of Emotions (2020) full

Tomorrow is the release date for ”Carousel Of Emotions”, the debut album from he new melodic hard rock band ALPHA SOULS. Mentioning as inspiration the ’80s sound of the genre and bands like WHITESNAKE, WINGER, SKID ROW, etc, after first listen I can tell you can hear these influences, and some British AOR acts from the same decade too.
This Spanish band wanted the proper vocalist to perform their English-lyrics songs, and the chance to have Greek vocalist Manos Fatsis (OYSSEY DESPERADO, HIDEAWAY) completed the circle. Fatsis has the perfect pipes & style for this type of material, and fits ALPHA SOULS’ music like a glove.
And the music is bright melodic hard with a polished sound and detailed production, where I would mention too similarities to Mr. BIG, ADRIANGALE, early NEWMAN and more.
Surprisingly mature and powerful band, a Highly Recommended listen.


01 – Climb of the Top
02 – King of the Road
03 – Live to the Full
04 – Silent Days
05 – Words Unspoken
06 – Dreamer in the Night
07 – Never-Ending
08 – How Well You Think You Know Me
09 – Believe
10 – Where Your Heart Belongs
11 – The Turning
12 – Six Minutes to Heaven
13 – Bring It On

Manos Fatsis: Vocals (Odyssey Desperado, Hideaway)
Ricardo Walls: Guitars, Keyboards
Borja Lopez: Bass
Manuel Delgado: Drums


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