DIAMOND LANE – Must Be Hell (2020)

DIAMOND LANE - Must Be Hell (2020) full

Los Angeles based band DIAMOND LANE is truly a diamond in the rough. In this day and age, DIY (do it yourself) bands are where it’s at. Bands that can create the buzz on their own and deliver a polished group of artists with an album gift wrapped and ready to hit the market are the ones that record labels are looking for nowadays.
When a band can fuel their own fire, sell their own records and harvest a strong fan base, it is almost certain that they will be the ones who make it through these trying times in music.
Must Be Hell” is their new album recorded some time ago, and now DIAMOND LANE decided this music needed to be heard and give fans some entertainment in this troubled times.
And they deliver… this is a hot collection of classic American Hard Rock inspired by Skid Row, WASP, Riot, Y&T and more, served with a sharp modern production.

Already earning many accolades as Fox Sports Artist Of The Month and having their music used for different sporting events is a rare feat, especially with an unsigned band. The same line up sinc eformed in 2002, Brandon Baumann (vocals), Jarret Reis (guitar), Ray Zhang (bass), Dave Vandigitty (drums) – plus new member guitarist Ian McLaren – are exceeding limits as Diamond Lane continues to gain momentum.

”Must Be Hell” is set to be their best album yet. Reis expressed that musically they have grown so much. “Since we moved down to Los Angeles and became a five piece band, things have just escalated from there. With each record we do, we continue to raise the bar for ourselves and challenge ourselves and do our best to make even better music than the album before.
Keep the fans happy, but we also want to be the faces of rock and for people to mention us as their favorite rock band without being pigeonholed into one genre of rock”.

Diamond Lane has no desire to recreate what they have already done on previous records. They prefer to take different approaches to their writing process. “Each song has its own inspirations and just feeding off each other and it happens organically and it just stays fun and we really enjoy the writing process.”
Each member has similar musical inspirations but they also bring own flavor to the table. From Motley Crue or Skid Row to Metallica to The Eagles, their main focus is to create their own recipe and hope that the fans will love it.

”Must Be Hell” rocks like… Hell. It’s punchy, groovy, melodic, and all the songs have interesting arrangements with breaks in the middle to create atmospheres and new colors. The only bad thing here is the ugly cover artwork not reflecting the quality hard rockin’ music inside.
Diamond Lane is a kick ass band that deserves more attention.
Highly Recommended


01 – Blood Red Beauty
02 – Black Crosses
03 – Must Be Hell
04 – Machine Made Man
05 – Like a Motherfucker
06 – Of Blood & Steel
07 – Rising Water
08 – My Demise

Brandon Baumann – Vocals
Jarret Reis – Guitar
Ray Zhang – Bass
Dave Vandigitty – Drums
Ian McLaren – Guitar



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