GTR – Nerotrend [2nd Unreleased album / first generation tape] *EXCLUSIVE*

GTR - Nerotrend [2nd Unreleased album / first generation tape] *EXCLUSIVE* full

Few days ago we featured the reissue of a Nightwing album featuring talented British lead vocalist Max Bacon. Bacon was later part of super-group GTR founded by Steve Hackett & Steve Howe, and their only official album.
However, there was a second album in the making, “Nerotrend“, that never materialized. Bacon sung some of the songs, the others were performed by the exquisite Robert Berry (Alliance UK, Hush). It is very interesting to listen to the different styles of Bacon and Berry on a same song (Young Hearts) and what would have been GTR second album. This really is a must for any GTR collector, and all the musicians involved.
There was a bootleg of this unreleased material, but this is taken from a first generation tape owned by a recording studio employee, with much better sound quality. (thanks to K.V. for this exclusive)
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01 – HUNGRY WARRIOR [Vocals Max Bacon]
02 – AWAY [Vocals Max Bacon]
03 – YOUNG HEARTS [Vocals Max Bacon]
04 – LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE [Vocals Max Bacon]
05 – RUNNING THE HUMAN RACE [Vocals Max Bacon]
06 – THIS WORLD’S BIG ENOUGH [Vocals Max Bacon]
07 – SHARP ON ATTACK [instrumental]
08 – YOUNG HEARTS [Vocals Robert Berry]
09 – ENDLESS NIGHTS [Vocals Robert Berry]
10 – THESE EYES [Vocals Robert Berry]
11 – LONELINESS [Vocals Robert Berry]
12 – YOUNG BLOOD [Vocals Robert Berry]
13 – YOU CAN’T DO THAT [Vocals Robert Berry]

Max Bacon, Robert Berry – lead vocals
Steve Hackett – guitars, vocals, guitar synthesizer, programming
Steve Howe – guitars, guitar synthesizer, vocals
Phil Spalding – bass
Jonathan Mover – drums, percussion, programming
Matt Clifford – keyboards


Only at 0dayrox

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