LABYRINTH – Welcome to the Absurd Circus (2021)

LABYRINTH - Welcome to the Absurd Circus (2021) full

Italian LABYRINTH return with their new studio album, ”Welcome To The Absurd Circus”, via Frontiers Music once again delivering their hooky, epic prog infused metal songs, and some great melodic numbers constitute a record which rocks with fire and trepidation punch.
Since 1994, the sextet has been one of the seminal Italian and classic European progressive melodic metal bands. “Welcome To The Absurd Circus” increases their reputation with a killer collection of songs.

As usual, the album features the well-known Labyrinth musical characteristics: the gallop and groove with twin guitar riff harmony and sizzling solos, a hefty dash of synth embellishment, and strong vocal arrangements featuring the versatile Robert Tiranti.
Obviously, since formed by two guitarists, Andrea Cantarelli and Olaf Thorsen, you can expect a massive wall of riffs and torrent of bristling solos. These things are abundant throughout the album, with impressive guitar slinging within ‘Finally Free’, ‘The Absurd Circus’, ‘Den Of Snakes’, and ‘Live Today’.

Exploring a little more, that title cut is a fine example of where a musical breakdown delivers the guitar solo while floating over some fine acoustic guitar and bass work. Similar is ‘Finally Free’ with another fine guitar solo segue about midpoint, followed by an acoustic guitar solo.
Labyrinth put the pedal-to-the-metal into their progressive style with songs being fast and heavy like ‘Live Today’, ‘The Absurd Circus’, or ‘Sleepwalker’.

Alternatively, some songs turn on the juxtaposition of lightness (often with vocals) and metal heaviness (in the riffage and tempo) as with ‘As Long As It Lasts’ or ‘The Unexpected’. With ‘A Reason To Survive’, Labyrinth delivers a classic metal ballad featuring Tiranti’s fine voice over acoustic guitar wrapped in a symphonic synth context.
Labyrinth’s ”Welcome To The Absurd Circus” is another solid and entertaining album of their trademark creative and engaging melodic progressive metal with a commercial delivery. Fans of the band and the genre should not miss it.
Highly Recommended


01. The Absurd Circus
02. Live Today
03. One Last More Chance
04. As Long As It Last
05. Den Of Snakes
06. Word’s Minefield
07. The Unexpected
08. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
09. Sleepwalker
10. A Reason To Survive
11. Finally Free

Olaf Thorsen – Guitars (Shining Black, Vision Divine)
Andrea Cantarelli – Guitars (A Perfect Day)
Roberto Tiranti – Vocals (Wonderworld)
Nik Mazzucconi – Bass (Edge of Forever, Sunstorm)
Oleg Smirnoff – Keyboards (ex-Vision Divine)
Matt Peruzzi – Drums (Shadows of Steel)


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