ANGELINE – We Were Raised On Radio (2021)

ANGELINE - We Were Raised On Radio (2021) full

Swedes ANGELINE have been around the block since 1987, so you better believe they make justice to the guys new album title “We Were Raised On Radio“. And think 1980’s radio… so expect a melodic rock / AOR collection of radio-ready choruses and sweet melodies.
Kicking off with the storming Leppard-esque melodies of ‘Helpless’ and ending with the power-pop heaven of ‘Waiting For Paradise’, Angeline leave no stone unturned in creating a gloriously nostalgic sound that’ll have the hairs all over your body standing to attention in approbation if this is the kind of music you grew up on.

Best track ‘Closer’ is pure radio rock perfection, it’s open hearted chorus and crystalline lead guitar lines bringing memories of names like Honeymoon Suite flooding back into the ol’ cerebral cortex in a manner you won’t want to resist.
This band really know how to craft a melodic rock song – listen to how well ‘My Heart Won’t Let You Go’ is put together for proof, as wave after wave of bubbling synths and superb backing vocals bolster Joachim Nilsson’s understated lead vocal to push home the song’s spine-tingling refrain), but it’s still a long way from ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’ and luckily this band has a lot of the skill in that latter part too.

The triumphant, life-affirmingly anthemic ‘Raised on Radio’ adds a little bit of Bon Jovi to the mix (you’ll feel like breaking into an unhinged but sincere blast of Blood on Blood when you hear it, I’ll bet), and if the Sabbathy intro of ‘Remission’ doesn’t quite fit the feelgood heights of the rest of the material then at least it’s still a rather good piece of riff-led rock in it’s own right, with another Leppardy chorus waiting to ensnare you in it’s charms…
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Helpless
02 – Closer
03 – My Heart Won’t Let You Go
04 – Raised On Radio
05 – Remission
06 – Closer To Forever
07 – Baby Come Back
08 – Come What May
09 – Halfway To Anywhere
10 – Welcome To Paradise


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