ANGELINE – Disconnected (2011)

ANGELINE - Disconnected (2011)


It took more than 20 years to Swedes ANGELINE to release their very good debut album ‘Confessions’ last year, which surprised and pleased the Melodic Rock world.
Now they are back with a brand new recording; “Disconnected”, and the truth is that Angeline doesn’t sounds dis-connected at all, in fact, this album is much more rocking than its predecessor.

I would define “Disconnected” with a single word that sums up this CD: Catchy.
This is a bouncing up-tempo Melodic Rock album, with a tight sound this time cranked up a notch thanks to the twin riffing guitars and stinging solos. This new album style is comparable to Melodic acts with some hard edge as Harem Scarem, Talisman and even the late Def Leppard.

Angeline’s strengths have always been their vocal harmonies, strong melodies and big hooks. These remain, but songs like “When the Light Go Down” or “Falling Into You” are kickin’ tunes. A strong, cruising rhythm section bolsters these songs into the melodic hard rock category.
The kicks keep coming straight at ya with a mid tempo burner in “Run Run Run”, where a boogie style rock tone dominates this slinging tune.
The title track has a little of Bon Jovi influence all over it, with a rising chorus and it sounds like a talk box is being used either way the effect works pretty on this hard edge tune.

Yet as mentioned, the melody and hook have not been overrun as the fine song “I Had Enough” demonstrates.
Things slow down just a bit on the mellower “In Times Like These” and “Found”, the latter having a similar characteristics to past Harem Scarem ballads, very cool song.
But there are also songs closer to the AOR / MR feel on the previous album.
Notably the soaring “Take A Little Time” (one of the best songs on the album), but definitely with “Solid Ground” and “If It’s the Last Thing I Do”. Then the more assertive rock rises again to conclude the album on “First Time Around” and “Way Down”.

“Disconnected” is another very good album from Swedes Angeline, firmly stepped into their Melodic Rock style with some eighties influences, this time adding a touch of edge to their music.
Angeline are extremely good at what they do, creating songs in the typical mold of the genre with bags of melody and glistening choruses, keeping the swing of each song meticulously vibrant.
The vocals of lead singer Jocke Nilsson are excellent and pulling double duty as guitar-man makes even better. He also handles the solid, modern production & mixing, and the mastering by Björn Engelmann (Stage Dolls, Wig Wam, Within Temptation, Friestedt-Williams) reassures a crisp sound on each track.
Very Recommended.

01. When The Lights Go Down
02. Falling Into You
03. Take A Little Time
04. I Had Enough
05. Run Run Run
06. Found
07. Disconnected
08. In Times Like These
09. Solid Ground
10. If It’s The Last Thing I Do
11. First Time Around
12. Way Down

Jocke Nilsson – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Janne Arkegren – Guitar
Uffe Nilsson – Bass
Tobbe Jonsson – Drums & percussion


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    Hey if its no trouble can u please get the confessions cd i cant find it anywhere thanks dude peace:)

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