GREAT WHITE (feat Mitch Malloy) – Live (2020)

GREAT WHITE (feat Mitch Malloy) - Live (2020) full

The Lardie / Kendall version of GREAT WHITE has released a live album simply titled “Live” (only available at their website) featuring the band’s August 2018 performance at the Kentucky State Fair, featuring GREAT WHITE’s latest addition, singer Mitch Malloy, who joined the group earlier that year following the departure of Terry Ilous.
Despite his very melodic voice, Malloy really fit the songs performed that night, and seems there’s a new studio album in the making with him at the mic.


01 – I’m Alright
02 – Lady Red Light
03 – Desert Moon
04 – House Of Broken Love Intro
05 – House Of Broken Love
06 – Big Time
07 – Blues
08 – Mista Bone
09 – Save Your Love
10 – Rock Me Intro
11 – Rock Me
12 – Once Bitten Twice Shy

Mark Kendall -guitar
Michael Lardie – guitar, keyboards
Audie Desbrow – drums
Scott Snyder – bass
Mitch Malloy – vocals



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  1. Jayman says:

    Thanks, it’s pretty cool to have a live CD from the show that you attended and was up close as well.

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