AMY HOLLAND – On Your Every Word [AOR Light Mellow 1000 series] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

AMY HOLLAND - On Your Every Word [AOR Light Mellow 1000 series] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Started December 2020, “AOR Light Mellow 1000 series” is a new campaign from Universal Music Japan archives to reissue a number of hard-to-find AOR titles under the supervision of AOR Light Mellow’s specialized label leading expert, Toshikazu Kanazawa, on sale for a limited time at a special price of ¥ 1,000 = about 10 USD.
From the long out of print records from the list, AMY HOLLAND early ’80s albums were among the hardest to find for decades.
Holland’s second album “On Your Every Word” from 1983 has the ‘big boys’ involved: Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, Robben Ford, Nathan East, Michael Baird, Richard Page… all the LA Session cream. The great David Pack sings a duet with Amy too.
This was Holland’s last LP in that decade, as she spent the rest of the 80s recording songs for film soundtracks such as Scarface, Teen Wolf, Night of the Comet, St. Elmo’s Fire, K-9, and much more. We added as extras the 2 songs she recorded for Scarface, recorded the same year.
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AOR Light Mellow 1000 「REISSUE SERIES 」

01 – Anytime You Want Me
02 – I Hang On Your Every Word
03 – I’ll Never Give Up
04 – Shake Me, Wake Me
05 – Hurts A Little Bit
06 – You & I
07 – So Sentimental
08 – I Still Run To You
09 – Rollin’ By
0dayrox extras:
10 – She’s On Fire (Scarface soundtrack)
11 – Turn Out The Light (Scarface soundtrack)

Vocals – Amy Holland
Guitar – John McFee, Robben Ford, Steve Lukather
Keyboards – Brian Mann, Michael McDonald, Patrick Henderson
Saxophone – Tom Scott, Vince Denham
Bass – Bob Glaub, Louis Johnson, Mark Leonard, Nathan East
Drums – Jeff Porcaro, Michael Baird
Backing Vocals – David Pack, Michael McDonald, Richard Page, Steve George



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