CHRISTIAN LILJEGREN – Melodic Passion (2021)

CHRISTIAN LILJEGREN - Melodic Passion (2021) full

With nearly 40 albums experience, CHRISTIAN LILJEGREN has established himself as one of the most productive metal musicians on the European metal scene. Christian has marked the way of new wave of Scandinavian metal since late 1990’s fronting Narnia, Divinefire, The Waymaker as well working on many other projects, and finally here comes Liljegren first solo album “Melodic Passion” where he shows his big variation in vocals and his roots with melody, energy and passion.
Melodic Passion” is a proper title for Liljegren’s solo debut, being the main emphasis his vocal melodies / harmonies, the melodious nature of the songwriting, and the polished instrumentation provided by a lot of skilled musician friends.

Liljegren likes his melodic metal to abound with hard rock rhythm and groove, and exceptional guitar solos. This is self-evident across the entire album, including the songs ‘Salute For The King’, ‘The Rock’, ‘The Victory’, and the title track, ‘Melodic Passion’.
Liljegren also try some modern elements like on ‘I Breathe’, or the softer side with the acoustic mix on ‘This Is My Love Song’.

Christian Liljegren’s ‘Melodic Passion’ offers listeners a profoundly faith-inspired album of well-crafted melodic metal / melodic hard rock with his strong vocal performance at the helm.
Highly Recommended

01 – Melodic Passion
02 – Salute for the King
03 – The Rock
04 – This is My Love Song
05 – The Victory
06 – Dead or Alive
07 – I Breathe
08 – History
09 – Third Day

Christian Liljegren – Lead & backing Vocals
Stephen Carlson (The Rise) – Guitars
Olov Andersson (Audiovison) – Moog, Taurus, Hammond
Andreas Johansson – Drums (Royal Hunt)
Per Schelander – Bass (House of Shakira, ex Royal Hunt)


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