JOE LYNN TURNER – The Japanese maxi-singles [out of print non album tracks]

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Japanese maxi-singles [out of print non album tracks] full

After featuring here some JOE LYNN TURNER rare album editions, it was requested as well the rare CD-singles he released in Japan as solo artist. These are 1999’s ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You‘, 2001’s ‘Challenge Them All‘, and 2006’s ‘The One‘, all including exclusive songs.

For his ‘Under Cover 2’ – an album of covers of classic songs – Turner’s Japanese label released as single Joe’s version of Foreigner’s hit ‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’. The CDs includes two ‘B-sides’ never appeared into any other album at the moment, featuring talented Al Pitrelli and Tony Bruno (Danger Danger, Saraya) on guitars.

‘Challenge Them All’ was in fact a song recorded for a Japanese commercial, promoting the most international famous brand of Japan beer ‘Asahi’.
However, the song was recorded in NYC, and pulsating melodic rocker with an ’80s action movie feel. Great tune.
There’s a ”Challenge Them All’ (remix)’ which really sound different, with Joe’s vocals more upfront.

JOE LYNN TURNER - The Japanese maxi-singles - inside

Even rarer is the CDs ‘The One’, recorded for a Subaru car TV commercial. This is a much more poppy rocker with an anthemic chorus and some sequencers as background.
But there’s a “The One (Band Version)” with a full rock band instrumentation, and the song radically changes to a catchy melodic rocker.

Very hard to find stuff, enjoyable and a must for collectors
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‘Waiting For A Girl Like You’ CDs
01 – Waiting For A Girl Like You
02 – Freedom’s Wings
03 – Shine On

‘Challenge Them All’ CDs
01 – Challenge Them All
02 – Challenge Them All (Remix)
03 – Challenge Them All (Instrumental)

‘The One’ CDs
01 – The One
02 – The One (Remix Version)
03 – The One (Band Version)
04 – The One (Instrumental Version)


Out Of Print

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