THE TOOLS – Remodeling [Digitally Remastered / first time on CD] (2020)

THE TOOLS - Remodeling [Digitally Remastered / first time on CD] (2020) full

Metallic Blue Records not only is reissuing THE TOOLS first album, but also their second, 1983’s “Remodeling“, fully remastered. Alongside the success in the Salt Lake City area circuit with their brand of classic melodic hard rock, THE TOOLS opened for major acts like The Tubes, Randy Hansen, Molly Hatchet and more.
After some line up changes, THE TOOLS were updating their sound to a more polished US bluesy hard rock style, and recorded second effort ”Remodeling” in 1987 which sold well and received very good reviews.
The band was getting attention from Geffen Records, but unfortunately due internal troubles split very soon, with some members founding BAD BOYS, which album was also reissued by Metallic Blue Records and featured at 0dayrox.
”Remodeling” delivers fun, very well served classic hard rock sporting a solid songwriting & production.


01 – Looking Back
02 – Shake It Loose
03 – Thinking of You
04 – Wasting My Time
05 – Sting Me
06 – Do It for a Living
07 – Rock & Roll on the Radio
08 – Bad Times
09 – Livin’ Hard
10 – Send Me the Bill

Mike Rafone – vocals
Danny Dickman – guitar, backing vocals
Brian Iverson – bass
Bret Miller – drums



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